Monday, February 12, 2018

Random Thoughts and Updates

Posting has been slow moving lately, in part due to some computer slow down issues that are making scanning and saving quite difficult.  I have a Mac desktop computer that is a few years old and ever since I downloaded the latest operating system update, I am in super slowdown mode.  Might be time to invest in a new computer.

I thought I would share a few quick thoughts and updates on what is going on in the ARPSmith world.

1. Operation clear off my sorting table was a rousing success - I was able to ship out team stacks to all but 2 teams (Indians and Marlins) which is much better than I expected.  I also found a new Giants collector to offload some Giants dups on.  The Giants still need to be packed up but all the other team stacks are long gone.  Despite not asking for anything in return, I have gotten a few awesome return packages - the generosity of the blogging community continues to amaze.  Can't wait to show off the goods.

2. Massive collection purchase - I continue to make my way through the collection I purchased.  As I go through I am trying to categorize and log what I have.  If you are interested in what I have uncovered, check out my Google Doc for a running list.  Most of it is for trade or sale, I won't be as give away minded with this stuff as I need to recoup my investment but if you have some stuff to trade from my want list or are interested in a cash purchase, drop me a note.  Here are a couple of fun finds I recently uncovered:

Here is a great minor league card of former Giants third baseman Matt Williams.  This card was produced in 1989, a couple years after his major league debut in 1987.  I had forgotten he bounced back and forth between the minors and majors for a few years before sticking.  This card is new to my collection and a keeper.

This card was mixed in a binder full of basketball and football cards.  I can't think of any boxing cards in my collection but I was pretty excited about this card.  Norton was boxing when I was pretty young but I remember watching his son suit up for the 49ers and a couple other teams.  Norton Sr.'s claim to fame is that he broken Muhammad Ali's jaw in 1973.  I assume this is a genuine auto and I plan on keeping this card in my collection.

3. 2018 Topps - I decided to buy a master hobby set on eBay and not go after a set build through pack busting. This is becoming the norm for me. 

I bought a couple blasters and packs at Target to get a look before my set came in and decided to build some of the retail insert sets.  I have a want list for the Legends in the Making and Opening Day insert sets along with the Topps Now Top 10 so if you have some for trade let me know if you can help out.  I posted my inserts and parallels on Sportlots but if you have some needs of those or base cards let me know and I will try and help you out.  I am passing on the Jeter and Bryant insert sets as I am not particularly fond of either player. 

I have also started a 2018 Giants want list.  I typically pursue the Giants base cards, the gold and rainbow parallels, the inserts and some of the relics and autos depending on rarity and cost.  I also welcome any of the other, more rare, parallels but won't be as active in pursuing them.   I have made some solid progress already on the parallels.

4. 2017 Topps Update - I have been pretty hit and miss with which retail insert sets I chase.  I was on the fence about a couple the sets until recently.  I finally decided to pursue the Heroes of Autumn and MVP Awards sets.  Wants lists for those are also on my set want list page.

5. 2018 Collection Goals - I am making some good progress on my 2018 goals and enjoying the more detailed list.  I have it up all the time on my computer and use it as a guide when I am looking to buy cards.  I look forward to sharing some of my pick ups once the scanning gets quicker and easier.

That's it for a scan light list of some collecting updates.


  1. That Ken Norton auto was a great find!

  2. Nice find on the Ken Norton auto. I'd honestly forgotten there was such a thing as boxing cards.

    To your Mac issues ... if you haven't done so already, run a virus scan. I recommend Sophos Home, it's free and does a really good job. Also, check to see what programs are launching at startup. It could be that there are unnecessary programs that you don't need hogging memory. If that doesn't work and it's still slow, perhaps make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and they should be able to help you out.

  3. I will check out my 2018 stuff to see if I can help with that too. Hope you got my return email. Thanks!

  4. A few years ago, I was having problems with my Mac desktop computer. I made an appointment and they took care of the issue within a week. You might want to make an appointment with them. Not sure if you have Applecare, but they installed a brand new hard drive at no cost and my computer has been running great ever since.

    P.S. Sweet Norton!

  5. Just dropped some 18's in the mail today. I got the cards you sent 1 hour after I emailed you for your address, lol.