Friday, January 19, 2018

Want a Stack of Cards from Your Favorite Team?

Hello everyone!

I am still sorting through my big collection acquisition and could really use some sorting space.  I have a card table in my card room that has been covered with stacks of cards sorted by team for months.  I sent out a couple in trades and have gotten rid of a handful more since my post a few days back about thinning my collection.

While I am looking to trade the sets and larger lots of cards, I am very open to packaging these team sets up in a small flat rate box and sending them your way.  While I always welcome stuff back in trade, this is a "no strings attached" offer.  I really want that space cleared off to start sorting the other cards.

Here are the teams I have left, drop me a note if you are interested in a stack of random cards from one of these teams:

Blue Jays - Claimed
Brewers - Claimed
Diamondbacks - Claimed
Mets - Claimed
Padres - Claimed
Phillies - Claimed
Rangers - Claimed
Rays (pretty small stack) - Claimed
Reds - Claimed
Red Sox- Claimed
Royals - Claimed
Twins - Claimed
Yankees - Claimed

Pitchers and Catchers report in 25 days!


  1. Im interested in the Reds. If no one else claims the Indians, I'd be interested in those too. I've been meaning to get with you to send some Giants cards your way anyway.

  2. I would take the Royals, please! Thanks so much.

  3. If you want to put me down for the Rangers, I will definitely find you something in return!

  4. I'd certainly be happy to give some Mets cards a good home.

    1. Shoot me an email with your address at arpsmith at aol dot com

  5. I'd be interested in some Blue Jays--will you ship some to Canada?

  6. I'd love to take your D-Backs. I can find some Giants cards to send back your way. Thanks!

  7. I'd be in for the Phillies.. been a while since we've traded do you have my new address? brauer144 at gmail dot com I'm sure I could find some decent Giants to send back

  8. Holy Cow! I just dove into the box you sent and two things hit me right away:
    1. you're an excellent packer
    2. the assortment is fantastic
    I was wondering what I was going to do tomorrow while I watched the AFC and NFC championship games, but now I know I'll be having fun sorting Cubs cards during the commercial breaks. Thanks again!

  9. I'd love to take your Red Sox. Very generous of you!

  10. I"d be happy to take the Yankees - thanks! We've never traded before - will take a look at your wantlists. I'll send you an email too.

  11. I'll gladly trade for the Twins. =].
    @junkwaxtwins on twitter.

  12. Received mine today and all I can say is WOW!

    I will have a blog post up in the next couple of days.

  13. Hi, if you still have the Mariners available, I can take them off your hands...I'll send over an e-mail.