Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My 2018 Collection Goals

After last year's whittled down list of 4 goals, I have decided to reverse course and go the more detailed route for 2018.  If you saw my last post, you know I bought a fairly sizable collection of cards and a primary goal will be to get it sorted, cataloged and find homes for the items that don't fit into my collection.  I will be reaching out to all of you for some ideas how to make that happen.

Upon reflection, more detailed goals remind to me spread my hobby budget around to the different segments of my collection.  It also inspires me to better track what I pick up which I generally enjoy reflecting back on.

Here is where my focus will go on my card purchases and acquisitions in 2018:

Set Building
  • Complete 1969 Topps Set (currently need 8 - Bench, Kessinger, Cox, Reggie RC, Mantle, Santo, Fingers RC, Teddy Ballgame)
  • Start new vintage set
  • Collect Donruss, Topps Series 1 & 2, Topps Update, Opening Day and 2-3 other 2018 sets
HOF Auto collection
  • Get to 100 different players (currently at 94)
  • Finish and post on 6 sports books
  • Catch up on Sports Illustrated and ESPN magazines
49ers Vintage collection (1950s-1970s)
  • Get collection into a binder
  • Reach 200 different cards (currently at 152)
USC Football
  • Get collection organized
  • Establish focus and add 200 new cards
  • Add 20 NY Giants era vintage cards
  • Add 100 1970s-1990s cards
  • Reduce parallel want list to 150 cards (currently at 233)
Player Collections
  • Willie McCovey - pick up 2 items off want list from playing career
  • Rickey Henderson - pick up 5 items off want list from playing career, get checklist up to date
  • Dave Winfield - reach 850 different cards (currently at 805), get checklist up to date 
  • Reggie Jackson - reach 700 different cards (currently at 626), get checklist up to date 
  • Vida Blue - pick up 3 items off want list
  • Ben Petrick- reach 230 different cards (currently at 221)
  • Chili Davis - reach 465 different cards (currently at 453)
  • Dave Parker - reach 160 different Pirates cards (currently at 140)
  • Fred Lynn - post about new player collection, reach 280 different cards (currently at 252)
  • Ronnie Lott - reach 900 different cards (currently at 868)
  • Roger Craig - reach 380 different cards (currently at 361)
  • Dwight Clark - reach 125 different cards (currently at 109)
  • Fred Dean - add 5 cards (currently at 25)
  • Harold Miner - add 2 new cards (currently at 252)
  • Charles Barkley - reach 700 different cards (currently at 645)
  • Patrick Ewing - reach 550 different cards (currently at 505)
  • Chris Webber - reach 750 different cards (currently at 710)
 Will I reach all of these goal, heck no but I will have lots of fun trying!


  1. I think you could do some damage on those goals although from your previous post I think you have a lot of sorting to do!

  2. You're very detailed which makes it very easy to determine if you achieved it goal. I like that. Plus... you've got a variety of stuff to chase. Gives you lots of options. Best of luck.

  3. Hmmm. Do u have a want list for this player collections? I can add these guys into our trade. I have a winfield auto I believe. Trying to entice this trade we have started for the 89 score set