Thursday, January 4, 2018

Fun Finds

As I go through the collection I purchased I will showcase some of the fun finds I come across.  The first find was actually a pretty exciting find for me.  One area of my collection is trying to complete sets of all the major brands including Topps, Fleer, Donruss and Upper Deck.  Included in that are the traded/update sets although I haven't been super aggressive on trying to get all the update sets for most brands.

The exception is Upper Deck, I was a huge Upper Deck baseball card fan and have been pretty close to having a complete run of their flagship products and update sets for a while.  One of the big holes was the 1995 Upper Deck update set.  This is a set of 45 cards that could only be acquired through a redemption process.  The cards are fairly rare and I haven't seen too many sets come up for sale.  Those that had come up for sale were typically pretty pricey, usually above the "book value" of $60.  The collection I purchased had a binder with the complete 1995 Upper Deck set in it.  When I saw the set in the pages the first thing I did was jump to the back and I was pleased to see the entire update set.

I was able to cross this off the set want list and was very excited to do so.  Now I am down to just needing the 1997 Upper Deck Series 1 Update set, another mail in rebate, to complete my UD run.

Here is the 1995 set in its entirety:

Some great Upper Deck photography on display and what I believe is Andy Pettitte's first Upper Deck card as well.

The base set without the traded set was complete with the exception of 1 card, #130.  It is for trade or sale if anyone is interested.  I am also updating my Google Doc with the collection I bought as I go through it.  Feel free to check it out periodically and make me an offer if you see something you like.

Collection Spreadsheet


  1. Congrats on finding a set you needed! Upper Deck had some good-looking cards in the 90's.

  2. Very nice. The hobby definitely misses UD. That's a great example of how good their sets looked in the 90s. I didn't realize the update cards were relatively rare.

  3. 1995 was a great look for UD. But why do I have no recollection of Luis Gonzalez as a Cubbie?

  4. Not sure where I was during that era. Had no idea UD released their Update sets through mail in.

    P.S. I totally miss UD's presence in baseball.

  5. Just found your blog and I like it. I am also a flagship set collector. On my trade bait page at the bottom are listed sets of which I have doubles. If you need any, they are yours.