Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Anyone Want Some Cards?

I need your help fellow collectors.  I have run out of space and need to move some cards to make room for the cards I decide to keep from my large collection purchase and any other future additions to my collection.  Prior to acquiring the collection, I had quite a few duplicate sets and a ton of doubles and I am hoping we can work out some trades.  I have an issue with throwing cards away but that may end up being the fate of some of these cards if I can’t find any takers.

I am not looking for huge trade returns for these, just enough for me to mentally justify shipping them out because as you know postage rates are pretty darn high these days.  For those of you that have sent me packages in the past, I will happily return the favor if you see something you would like.  Remember these are in addition to the Google Doc with a list of what I am in the process of inventorying from the purchase.

First off, here is a pic of a table covered with misc. cards sorted by team:

I have lots by team of cards that aren't part of the sets or partial sets listed below.  There are some base cards, insert cards, oddball cards, etc. in here.  No autos or relics but I may be able to toss a couple in of your team if I have them in surplus.  I have already sent out the A's, Braves, Cardinals and White Sox.  The rest are available, with some stacks bigger than others.  No Giants stacks here but I have thousands of Giants dups if a fellow Giants collector is out there.

Next, I will list the Baseball sets I have duplicates of:

1986 Fleer X2
1986 Topps X2
1987 Topps
1988 Donruss
1988 Fleer
1988 Topps
1989 Fleer
1990 Fleer
1991 Fleer
1991 Score
1991 Upper Deck
1993 Upper Deck Series 1
1995 Stadium Club Series 1
1997 Upper Deck Series 1
1998 Donruss Series 1 cards 1-170 (missing 5 cards)
2003 Topps Series 2
2004 Topps Series 1
2005 Topps Series 1
2006 Topps Series 1 & 2
2013 Hometown Heroes (w/out SPs)

I will also list a few Football sets I have duplicates of:

1985 Topps (may need a little more in return for this)
1986 Topps X2 (may need a little more in return for these)
2006 Contenders (cards 1-100)
2006 Fleer X3 (cards 1-100)
2007 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects (need 7 cards to complete)

In addition to these sets I have tons of duplicates.  Most of these sets I could put together a pretty solid starter set and/or try to fill any want lists:


Upper Deck





My hope is to be overwhelmed by the responses to this post and move all these cards.  Make sure to tell your friends or point fellow bloggers to this post so they can contact me.  I am realistic and know that most likely, I will only get a few takers then have to make some tough decisions.

I have been a card hoarder my entire life so it will be tough but I need the space so I am probably going to have dispose of some of these to clear out space..

Remember I am not looking for equal volume or book value etc.  Just enough for me to feel okay about the shipping costs to get these cards into a collector’s hands versus the local landfill.

Let’s trade!


  1. OK, I'll bite: anything from '81 or '83 Fleer or '82 Donruss. 2004 Topps might be fun. Always open for Dodgers.

  2. Sweet! I'd definitely recommend looking into USPS flat-rate boxes if you can, as once you get into heavy packages, it can really save you on postage.
    I'd like to raise my hand for some of this stuff, listed here by interest from greatest to least:
    1980 Topps lot (I've got a wantlist for this on my blog)
    1978 Topps lot
    1984 Fleer lot
    1984 Donruss lot
    1985 Donruss lot
    1987 Fleer lot
    1986 Fleer set
    1982 Topps lot
    1983 Topps lot
    1988 Fleer set
    1989 Fleer set
    1990 Fleer set
    1989 Score lot
    These last few are more like "if you've got room in the box, but if not, don't worry about" levels of interest.
    I've been stockpiling some good Giants parallels n' such over the past year or two, so I think I could make it at least worth the postage for you!

  3. Angels please, and any Patriots strays.I'm cleaning house as well, so you'll get a nice team package in return.

  4. Alright, I'll bite. Looks like a pretty tall stack of Cubs in the upper right hand corner. I'm low on Giants at the moment, but I'll scrap somethings together for you the next time I hit a show.

  5. I'm interested here as well. Obviously, if you have anything from my want list (or any Barry Larkin cards) those are first choice. Next, I would enjoy the 1995 MLB Fleer, 1992 Topps, and the 1993 Select set.

  6. Oh please don't toss any cards. IF worse comes to worse recycle. I'm not sure what I could send in return. My Baseball teams are Nationals (I do Expos as well) and Orioles and Football is Redskins and Rams. Hmm some of those full sets are tempting. Again not sure what I could send in return. Are you open to selling some? I could use a med or large flat rate box cram filled of misc Football for a team trader's group I am a part of.

  7. Ugh, I'm looking at the Hometown Heroes and 2003 Topps inserts on top of several piles. Plus those UD3s that I should start a set of. None of this helps you move bulk though....

  8. I could use the following for my 79 topps bb set.

    41, 96, 259, 302, 526, 689

    Also interested in dodgers.

  9. If you have any Rockies in there, I'd be interested.

  10. I see what looks like a small Astros stack back there - I could stand to take those on.

  11. Would definitely be interested in starter lots for 82T, 83T and 84T. Let me know if any assistance with postage is needed. Thank you!

  12. I would be interested in the 85 and 86 football sets but not sure what I have in return for those.

    1. So is the stuff on Google docs up for grabs to? I like the 89 score if Aikman and Sanders are in there. I am sure I have ome sf giants to send. I also like some of the other late 90s sets for football. That's my favorite era!

      Here is my email, sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com
      If you wanna look into a trade.

  13. I'm interested in quite a few things you have, if they're still available. What is your email so we can work out a trade? Mine is tntcardsstg at gmail.