Monday, April 20, 2020

McCovey Monday and Contest Results

Slacking a bit on my posting after a nice little stretch of posts so I thought I would knock out a quick McCovey Monday post showing my newest addition and share the results of my recent contest.

First up the Willie Mac addition:

What is that, you say?  If you guessed that it isn't a card you are correct.  This is a patch that was used on the sleeves of Giants jerseys last year to memorialize the career of McCovey who passed on Halloween of 2018.  It is pretty small, about 1 3/4" in diameter which is cool because it will fit in a card slot in one of my McCovey binders.  I have been meaning to seek one of these out for some time and glad to have one in my collection.

My goal in having the contest was to drum up some more comments and view.  While that post had more, not sure I am seeing it on other posts but I am surprisingly okay about that.  Some of my satisfaction in the past came from views and comments and while I enjoy getting comments I have found my joy almost solely comes from sharing my thoughts and collection along with documenting my collecting journey.

Now on to the results.  The winner was the person who guessed closest to the exact price I paid for a trio of cards shared in this post.  The amount I paid was $64 delivered so the winner is P-Town Tom of Waiting 'til Next Year who guessed $63.43.  Great guess Tom.  I feel that was a pretty good price and even a better guess. 

Thanks to all who participated in the contest.  Tom I will look to dig up some cards to send you way as a thank you.  Shoot me your mailing address when you have a chance.


  1. Say what? I won? Will wonders never cease.
    Love the "Stretch" patch by the way. What a great nickname.

  2. Congrats Tom. Happy I came pretty close!

  3. That's a sweet patch. I'm curious how you organize your McCovey collection since you mentioned binders. I put all my McCutchen base and parallels (unless over $30) in 9 pocket pages. Do you do something similar with your binders of Stretch?

    1. Anything that can fit in a page is in a binder, I have 4 and need to start a 5th. My super thick cards are in toploaders or some other plastic container in a box. I even put thinner relics and autos in the 9 pocket pages. I love thumbing though them.

  4. Congratulations to P-town Tom! I'm surprised I was also somewhat close. Thanks for a cool contest!

  5. Congrats on the win! I'm just happy my guess was close!

  6. Thanks for the contest... and congratulations Tom. As for the patch, it's really cool. I hope to stumble across one of these one day at the flea market.