Sunday, April 12, 2020

Some More Marvel Additions

Last year I decided to start a new collection of comic books.  I enjoy super hero movies but never was a big reader of comics.  However I saw someone who decided to collect the Marvel comics from the month and year of their birth and thought that would be a great idea to dabble in comics.

Back in September, I shared my first 4 comics of the collection.  I added a couple during my blogging hiatus but this collection took a bit of a back seat until recently.  I decided to do some searching and quickly found this Captain America comic on eBay at what I thought was a solid price:

In this issue the Captain partners with The Falcon and I enjoy this artwork quite a bit.  Captain America looks to be in a pretty perilous situation but I suspect as I dive into this comic he will find his way out.

The shipping was a little pricey so I decided to see if this seller had any other of my needs at a good price and I was pleasantly surprised:

I can't say I am knowledgeable about the Inhumans but the Black Widow is quite familiar. I am looking forward to her movie which I believe will be an origin story.  The cover makes it seem like there may be two different stories going on, I guess I will find out soon.

I kept looking and found another:

This is a comic I am not familiar with, Creatures on the Loose!.  The Skull of Silence sounds like a formidable opponent.  This was the priciest comic of the lot but it was half of the price listed on this sleeve.

The luck continued as I searched the inventory:

Sgt. Fury sounds familiar but I don't know anything about His Howling Commandos.  One cool thing about this new collection is learning about new characters.

I was able to identify one more comic from this seller and it is a very familiar subject:

I am a big fan of the Fantastic Four.  I seem to remember a TV show with them when I was a kid and recall reading a couple of their comics.  I suspect this adventure against Megaman will be the first one I dive into.

This collection will end up running 22 comics deep and I feel pretty fortunate to have tracked down 5 from the best seller.  This purchase gets me over the half way point with 12 of the comics.  I set up some eBay saved searches to see if I can knock off some more.  I have already made a list of the DC comics from my birth month.  It is a much more diverse list of comics and longer at 47 comics.  I think I will focus on the Marvels for the time being then decide if I want to expand the collection.

Any of you have collections outside of the world of sports?


  1. I collect the comics from my birth month as well. Although... I'm focusing on just a handful of the Marvel characters I'm familiar with. Right now I just own Iron Man and the Avengers, but one day I hope to own eight other issues. I've already purchased a bunch of nice glass frames and hope to one day display them in my office.

  2. I collect more non-sport things than anything, including comic books. Although technically speaking, I consider myself more of an old comic reader than a collector.