Monday, April 27, 2020

McCovey Monday - Magazines

Recently I hatched a plan to expand my Willie McCovey collection by picking up vintage magazines that feature him.  I bought a group of magazines on Facebook Marketplace over a year ago that featured one with Willie Mac on the cover and, while I have done some eBay searches I have yet to pull the trigger on bringing home more but that is about to change.  Here is the one I do have:

This is a Sport Magazine from 1960 and McCovey is one of 6 people they are spotlighting for the season which, at this point, had been underway for about a month.  Stretch had started with a bang winning the ROY award in 1959 despite not playing a full season and there was excitement about what his first full season could bring.

Quite a while back a fellow collector sent me this full page picture that has been pulled from a magazine that I also keep with my collection.  While it isn't a cover, I really enjoy having things like this in my collection as well.

I imagine this is Willie looking back to the umpire after a called strike upset with the call and based on his stature and that stare I suspect he got the next call.

With McCovey being featured on so few new releases and many of the cards I need being rare and/or expensive, I think this is a good way to add to my collection. Plus I have found reading these old magazines is great.  In addition to learning quite a bit, I love the art and style placed into magazine articles from the 60s and 70s.

I think my next step will be to do some searching and try to create a checklist of magazines where McCovey appeared on the cover.  This should help me with some direction and focus.


  1. Both beautiful!! I love old magazines like that.

  2. Good luck! Like TDK, I love old sports magazines. I've slowed down on picking them up due to lack of storage space, but I'll buy one every now and then if the price is right. Looking forward to seeing more McCovey covers on this blog.