Saturday, May 26, 2012

COMC Purchase #1

Recently I was a little frustrated with my inability to complete some Giants team sets I was working on so I decided to do a search on COMC to see if I could find any help.  I have ordered on COMC a few times and I am not the biggest fan.  I like the fact you can see a scan of the actual card you are getting but the shipping seems a little high to me, at least when ordering lower valued cards.  Regardless, I found some cards I needed and took the plunge.  Here are the goods:

First up are two Brandon Belt parallels for 2011 Lineage.  Getting these two completed team sets of both versions so I was glad to pick them up.  Belt still isn't living up to the potential many Giants fans think he has - I personally am not sold on him.  He is great defensively but has a few fairly large holes in his swing.  I like the sparkly version better than the straight refractor but I am also glad the sparkly cards are now a thing of the past.  The 2 Finest cards are the refractor versions serial numbered to 549 and complete a team set (there are only 3 Giants with Belt also being included).  I have the base and refractor team sets complete but still need a Lincecum Xfractor, a Posey and Belt Orange and all the rest of the colors.  Don't see any rainbows from this set in my future.

Next are some 2011 Topps parallels, 3 from the Target set and 1 from the Wal Mart set.  I really like the Target cards with their retro cardboard material.  the Black looks okay for the Giants but this Belt card is too dark for my tastes.  I am down to needing 4 Target cards for the Giants team sets (#188 Sandoval, #335 Posey #599 Ishikawa and #648 Ross) and the Belt completes my Wal Mart set.

 The two 2011 Heritage Chrome cards are the refractors /562.  I now have all 10 Giants over the two different releases (these were in Topps Chrome and Topps Heritage) in addition to the 10 /1962.  I don't plan to go for the Black Refractors /62, they are a little too rich for my blood and I am happy with these two team sets.  The Cain Xfractor completes that version of Chrome Parallel.  I now have base, refractor, xfractor, orange, and atomic complete. I was hoping originally to track down all the colors but that may be out of reach. Just in case I will list my needs here - if you have one, please let me know and let's make a trade. 
 2011 Chrome Want list
Black - #1 Posey, #15 Lincecum 
Blue - #15 Lincecum, #62 Wilson, #93 Sandoval, #132 Cain, #172 Belt
Gold - #1 Posey, #15 Lincecum, #132 Cain, #172 Belt
Purple - #172 Belt
Red - #1 Posey, #15 Lincecum, #62 Wilson, #127 Bumgarner, #132 Cain, #172 Belt
Sepia - #15 Lincecum, #62 Wilson, #93 Sandoval, #172 Belt

I guess that isn't really that many cards but those Red and Gold especially are hard to track down and expensive.

I also picked up 4 cards towards my 1975 Topps set.  I am sitting on a want list of 31 cards with only 2 booking for $10 or more (#195 Aaron/Mantle MVP & 623 Keith Hernandez RC).  This is a set that with some focus I should be able to complete soon.

 I also picked up this beautiful Reprint Auto of Monte Irvin out of 2011 Topps Lineage.  I think this is an amazing card of one of the best to every play this game.  I was happy to see this on COMC for a reasonable price and jumped on it.

Lastly, I picked up this All-Star Workout Jersey card of Ryan Vogelsong.  I was actually at All-Star weekend last year and would love to pick up all the Giants in this set.  I have the Panda and Cain but still need the Freak and the Beard.  Going to have to keep my eyes open to finish this one off.

I did end up finishing a couple team sets and got closer to a few others.  Fairly successful COMC shopping spree!

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