Friday, May 25, 2012

Group Break Goods - Nachos Grande

I participated in a group break over at Nachos Grande where Chris broke 7 different boxes.   I had very few Giants cards from any of the boxes so it was an easy sell for me.  My random was the Oakland A's, I won't show any A's cards here but drop me a line if you need any.  I actually got more A's cards than Giants cards, including more inserts, but that is okay as I got a great haul of Giants.

First up was a box of 2000 Aurora. This is a pretty nice design, I really like how they matched the team color with the background - Orange always looks great on Giants cards.  My biggest suggestion would have been to have the action photo be the larger of the two, but outside of the Bonds card, the posed shots with Giants hats still look pretty good.  These are the only 4 cards of the team set so it is now complete.  I also got a dup of the Kent card.

Next up is 2002 Fleer Box Score.  I got 3 of the regular 4 base cards in the team set, I am missing Jeff Kent.  This box came with a mini box that included all the All-Star cards numbered to 2950.  The Giants luckily had 3 cards in this set and 2 of the 3 veterans in the entire box.  I still do need a few more of the serial numbered cards from other box sets but I am very glad to add these 3.

The 2002 Donruss Elite cards produced some nice shiny base cards.  These are the only non-serial numbered base cards (and I needed them all!) and added to the Cody Ransom rookie card /1350 I now have the entire team set.  I love picking up Robb Nen cards, he was a stud reliever for the Giants and doesn't have a ton of cards from his time with the team. He basically sacrificed his career in 2002 on the run to the World Series and Giants fans everyone are very appreciative.

The next two boxes were 1999 Fleer Brilliants and SkyBox Molten Metal  I have actually bought a box of the Brilliants from my LCS and have contemplated building the set.  I got two of the three Giants base cards (missing Bonds) and one blue parallel.  I was also one card short of the Molten Metal team set (missing Ellis Burks). I would have loved to have pulled a metal parallel of the Giants but it wasn't in the cards - I did get a Ben Grieve with my A's cards.  Both of these sets are very nice looking and great additions to the Giants collection.

The final two boxes were 2003 Fleer Authenix and 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game.  I didn't get much out of these two products but really like the die cut Bonds insert. It is sweet looking card and my favorite of the break.  I was hoping to score a hit out of the Playoff box but glad I at least got the only Giants non-serial numbered card of the set.

Thanks for the great break Chris!  If anyone wants some A's cards from these sets, let me know.

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