Friday, February 28, 2014

2013 Collection Goal Update - 1960 Topps Giants Team Set

Believe it or not I am still working on sharing the goods from my 2013 collection goals.  One of my biggest focuses was on completing some Giants team sets from the 1960s.  I did a nice job completing 7 sets with a goal of only 5.  As I reflect back on my 2014 so far, I don't believe I have picked up any vintage Giants yet.  I need to fix that.

As I have done with past team sets, I will share my last few pick ups (mostly those picked up in 2013) and then show the entire team set in all its glory.

First up is this nice looking Antonelli, I am big fan of this card design with the black and white full body shot and a bigger color close up.  I also love the old school Giants logo featured on these cards.  As you will see when I show the entire team set, you will notice Antonelli had an all star card in this set as well. 

Blasingame played for 5 different teams in his career with his 1 full year with the Giants consisting of 139 games and a whopping 0.235 batting average.  He lasted 3 games in 1961 before being traded to the Reds as part of the Ed Bailey trade.

Sam Jones had a pretty cool nickname - Toothpick Sam due I am guessing to his 6'4" 192 lb. build.  This card features Sam after his best career season in 1959 where he went 21-15 with a league leading 4 shutouts and a 2.83 ERA.  He came in 2nd to Early Wynn for the Cy Young award and was named The Sporting News National League pitcher of the year.

This Mike McCormick card is a higher number and was challenging to track down.  McCormick was a pretty decent pitcher and spent 11 of his 16 years with the Giants winning over 100 games combined during those seasons.

These Miller and Rodgers cards are variations, since there weren't any high priced variations I decided to go after these as well.  The variations are either a gray or white back to the cards.  As you will see when I show the team set, I still have some variations to track down.

This is one of my favorite cards of the team set due mostly to the coloring used in Jack Sanford's nameplate.  Seems like most of the cards I picked up last were Giants pitchers.  Another solid but not spectacular player, his best year was in 1962 where he won 24 games and finished in 2nd in the Cy Young voting.

The final card before I show off the entire team set was the final card I purchased to finish this team set off.  1959 was Al Worthington's final year with the Giants, he started with them in 1953.

Now here is the set it all its glory.  I want you to see it consecutively in all its glory so this will be my final commentary.  This set was a challenge with 3 different cards featuring Willie Mays.  This set also includes the rookie of my favorite player - Willie McCovey - and his All-Star card as well.  You will notice 2 gaps in my pages, these are for variations that I need of Sam Jones and Don Blasingame.



  1. Well done! They are even more attractive and make a real statement when displayed together.

  2. I've really come to like the 1960 cards in the past few years. The only ones I have are all the low-numbered Phillies and (for some reason) Walt Dropo. This may be the next set I collect, as I don't really like the '64, '62, or '61 sets.

    I think Matt from the Topps '76, '77, and '78 blogs is planning to start up a 1960 Topps blog at some point.