Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crackin Wax 2014 Topps Group Break

I was fortunate enough to nab the Giants in Crackin Wax's 2014 Topps group break. The Giants had a decent number of hits in the product so I was hopeful that I would score a big hit (Willie Mays Auto anyone!) but it wasn't my lucky day. The top hit of the break was a Leo Durocher Cut Auto and while he did manager the Giants for a period of time, he was listed on the card as a member of the Dodgers (boo!!!).  It was still a cool break and we donated some cash to a worthwhile charity as well.

Here are my goods from the break.

The Giants have 10 base cards in this year's Series 1 flagship set.  Ten is a rotten number when you place your cards in binders.  Fortunately I usually blend my Series 1 and Series 2 releases together so Topps has a chance to redeem themselves.  The Gregor Blanco is my favorite shot of the series, a great play at the plate card.  In the case break, I scored 6 complete team sets and a bunch of extras.  This allows one for my collection, one for each of my two boys, one for my friend's son with a big stack of extras left.  If you need some Giants base, let me know.

 I pulled 5 parallels in the break, 3 Red Foils and 2 Gold parallels.  The Posey gold was one of the best pulls of the break for me.  I have quite a bit of work to do but plan on finishing these 2 parallel sets.  I have some in the way via trade but if you have Giants you know where to come.

Finally I scored 5 Giants inserts, all 3 from the Upper Class insert set, the only Giant in the 1989 Die Cut mini set and the only All Rookie Cup insert.  I was very happy to see Willie McCovey featured in this insert set although I think the design leaves a lot to be desired.

Not my best group break ever but I did score a team set, all the Giants inserts and a start on a couple parallel team sets.  Thanks for the great break!

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  1. Very nice. Blanco is probably the best photographs in the set. The others seem too close-up . . . wish they would have pulled out from the photos a bit.