Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Thrilling Mail Day

Will Clark is one of my favorite all time Giants and he seems to be very popular with card collectors.  Despite the fact he didn't perform at a high enough level for a long enough time to make the Hall of Fame, I think he has reached that status with a number of collectors.  Due to this fact, I don't have as many Will "The Thrill" cards in my collection as one might think. I have all the standard base cards and quite a few inserts but for a Giants player with so may autograph and relic cards out there, I don't seem to have as many as I would like or think.

Recently someone posted quite a few Clark items on Sportlots auction site and I placed some bids, had some battles and won a few of them.  Today I received the package and thought I would share the goods.

 The first card is the only non-relic card but it is a nice looking serial numbered base card from 2007 Sweet Spot Classic.  The base cards from this set are limited to 575 copies and this Will card is the third of fourteen Giants that I have.  These are nice looking cards and I wouldn't mind adding some more to my collection.  Might be a good project to consider.

 This card was an oops pick up - I already have this 2005 Donruss Greats bat relic card in my collection.  If one of those Will Clark collectors out there is interested, drop me a comment and lets work out a trade.

 This card is from 2004 Ultimate Collection and is serial numbered 65/99.  I really like the color scheme of this card, it matches the Giants colors very well.  I also like the nice shot of will in his shades with his eye black focused on defense - overall just a great card.

 This card is also from Ultimate Collection but the 2007 release. Until seeing this card I hadn't seen the America's Pastime design.  It is nice and patriotic and limited to 75 cards.  Matt Cain also has a card from this set and I may look to track it down.

The final 3 cards make up 75% of a "rainbow" from 2007 SP Legendary cuts.  As you can see, the word CUTS is used as windows for a jersey relic and as the number of jersey pieces increases, the serial numbers decrease.  Looks like I did a bad crop job on the triple, cutting off Will's name.  The only one I am missing now is the Quad which is serial numbered to 25.  I will keep my eyes open for that in the future.

I am happy to have added 6 new Will Clark cards to my Giants collection.


  1. This is the most horrifying post of all-time. All I can hear is his squeaky high-pitched voice whining in the background as I read this. Make it stop!

  2. ROFL @Night Owl.

    Those CUTS, all grouped together, makes for a nice scan. Make sure you show off the quad when you get it.