Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trade Post - Nick @ Dime Boxes

Time to show off some trade goods from one of my favorite bloggers, Nick of Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey.  Nick writes one of the most entertaining blogs out there and his trade packages are also typically quite entertain.  He know I like Giants, and Giants are what I received.  Here are my favorite cards of the trade package:

The Kyle Crick is a parallel and I believe Crick has a great future with the Giants. He is their top prospect and I think he may be the second coming of Matt Cain - great card.  I could have sworn I had this Belt already but I checked the checklist and binder and found I needed it.  I like the kinda crazy Bowman's Best design.  Topps Chrome is one of my favorite sets and I really liked Matheny as a player, too bad concussions sent him into retirement early.  I already had the McCovey in my player binder but this one finds a nice place in the Giants binder.  Yes I am trying to track down all the Home Run History cards of Barry's time with the Giants and yes I need a ton. Everyone hates Barry but me so check your unwanted cards from 2005-2007 and check my want list.  If there are some matches, send them this way. The Crawford Target parallel features one of last year's best pictures from the flagship set and gets me closer to that team set.  And I love me some stickers - a great random mix of Giants goodness.

Nick sent a great stack of Bowman reprints - I love these things. This batch features cards from 1948 and 1949.  Looks like Bowman reused pictures way back when just like Topps does today. I tend to like the Black and White cards better due to the cool background a couple of them feature.

These reprints are of the 1950 set.  One of my favorite Bowman sets, the colors just pop and you get the great player picture with some good backgrounds here as well.

The final group of reprints feature cards from 1951, another great Bowman set.  I have quite a few of these originals as well but I am glad to add these nice reprints to the Giants binder.

One of my favorite things to find in trade packages are cards that are missing from my Giants checklist and all 3 of the Conlon cards across the top were missing.  I am so glad to have received them and add them to the team set of one of my favorite sets of all time.  The other cards along the bottom are cool as well with an MVP parallel, a Toys R Us oddball and a new addition to my minor league binder.  Great stuff.

The final card is this Collector's Choice over-sized card of Mr. Barry Bonds.  I have seen Nick distribute cards from this set in a couple other trade packages, I wonder if they are frequent dime box finds or if he collected this set?  He would have been pretty young if he got these during their release.  Another cool Bonds added to the collection.

Thanks Nick for another great trade, I appreciate all the cool cards you sent my way!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed everything, Adam! Always a pleasure.

    My mom actually found a big box of cards at a garage sale last summer. The lot included about ten of those oversized Starquest oddballs. Glad I could give the Bonds a good home.