Friday, February 14, 2014

The Most Generous Blogger Strikes Again

Anyone who has been in the blogosphere for any period of time recognizes how generous most bloggers are.  Whether it is throwing in a few extras in a trade package, dropping a random PWE into the mail or a small bubble mailer just because, we see countless acts of kindness documented on our blog roll.  In my experience, I have found Wes Moore of the blog Jaybarkerfan's Junk to be the most generous.  He recently confirmed my mailing address and a few days later an entire Small Flat Rate Priority Box stuffed with Giants cards appeared in my mailbox.

Check out this stack of cards!

In a stack this large there were of course a lot of dups but I have a great place for those to go.  A good friend of one of my best friends has a 10 year old son who is very much into baseball cards.  I have sent him a couple of small flat rate boxes of dups in the past and was getting ready to send another.  I think I am going to include some of these extras and beef it up to a medium box.  I am told I am more popular in Santa Claus so I am wondering what type of status I may get after the next shipment?

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorites from this awesome package of cardboard wonder:

 I am starting off big with an Upper Deck Buster Posey rookie card!  I have been wanting one of these for quite a while and was so happy to find this in the package.  Another Upper Deck 2010 card along the top row features a statue of my favorite player of all time. I have a couple of these but am thinking of filling up a page.  The Mize up top and the Brenly on the bottom were missing from my checklist, I always enjoy receiving cards I didn't even know existed.  Along the middle, I really like the design of the 63 flashback Kent - just a great design.  The Scarscone is my first card from the Giants Stadium Club team set.  The Burks card features a simple yet great looking design with a solid picture.  I love me some Sportsflics and the Garko finished off a team set.

Here are 9 more that got me excited.  I have a huge Topps Total gap in my collection despite the fact I really like the set so adding a Silver parallel is cool. The Nen Save Leaders card is very nice, he had a great stretch with the Giants.  I think Crick is going to be the next home grown stud in the Giants rotation, hoping he will be ready to go next year.  Two Just Minors cards that will find a place in my Minor League stack that will eventually be a minor league binder.  Yes I do collect the Barry Bonds Home Run Heroes cards from his time with the Giants and yes I still need a ton. Check out my want list and send them my way - I know you (and the HOF voters) all hate him.  I recently picked up a Juan Marichal from the 1990 All Star set and now have 2 more - just have Kevin Mitchell to go.  I started strong and will end strong with a GREAT looking Kirk Manwaring card.  I love this Finest design and the action photo. I have said it before and will say it again - Manwaring has some fantastic cards.

Wes, thank you once again for your generosity!  I am heading out of town for a long weekend and plan on helping you out on your 2014 Project- THE TECNICOLOR FLAGSHIP FRANKENSET - check out Wes's  blog and help him out.  I also probably won't be posting during my vacation - time for some quality family time.


  1. JBF is in full effect. This is the third post I've seen this morning... and I still need to write up my JBF care package post.

    Btw... love seeing Clark and Crain in the 1991 Topps All-Star set. Takes me back to the good old days.

  2. I have an unopened JBF package on my desk as well. I hate it when life gets in the way. Wes is the man.