Friday, January 29, 2016

Trade Post - GCRL

Here is another long overdue trade post, I did finally get some return items back out to Jim of gcrl fame.  His blog has been on hiatus since July of 2015 but he hasn't slowed down on the trade front.  All the Dodgers bloggers are eager to get the Giants cards out of their collection and I am a willing recipient.

Here are my favorites from the package he sent:

A wide variety of cards here and all of them are great additions to my Giants collection.  The Murray red parallel from 2000 Pacific is the first in my collection, I am a fan of Pacific but as I am updating my checklists I recognize I will never come close to getting all of them but I will certain keep looking out for new ones.  The Mize Tribute card is a beauty, these are some of the best base cards ever in my opinion.  The Mitchell stamp is a cool oddball that I hadn't seen before.

This package contained a lot of gold, Topps parallels from a number of different Topps releases.  I have contemplated a run at all the gold parallels but haven't put a lot of focus on it to date, although I have completed the team sets the last few years.  I suspect the farther away I get from the release dates of the early 2000's, it will be much more challenging to finish those sets.  Jim helped me out with a few.

When I got to this sweet orange relic of former Giants Marco Scutaro I thought it might be the highlight of the package but then this popped out....

Sweet vintage Bowman!  Not only vintage Bowman but a card I needed.  Obviously this isn't mint but I don't care one bit.  How cool to get a 60+ year old card in a random trade package.  Thanks Jim for the great group of Giants goodness!

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  1. That Johnnie Mize card rocks, but it takes second place to that Bowman. Nice stuff.