Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trade Post - Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

I am trying to keep better record of what I have sent out in the way of packages this year and if my record keeping is accurate, this trade with Tony L. from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards is the second trade we have made this year and the first blogger I have made multiple trades with in 2014.

Tony is a Brewer fan and the first Brewer blogger I have found to trade with I believe so if he can keep digging up great Giants cards like these, I foresee quite a few more trades in our future.

First up is some sticker goodness:

These stickers are from Topps in 1988 and 1989.  Reviewing my checklist I have some major gaps with the Topps Sticker issues in the 80s. I am a pretty big sticker fan so I think this will need to get corrected.  Tony helped me out with these 9 stickers.

I also scored this eclectic trio of cards, an oversized 1983 Donruss card of Greg "Moonman" Minton, a 2004 Sweet Spot Classic card of Johnny Mize and a 2014 Super Veterans insert of Barry Zito.  All needs and all great additions to the Giants collection.

Last but not least is this card that started the trade, a 2014 Topps Turkey Red Matt Cain.  This year's design for Turkey Red is quite different and I am not particularly a fan of these Topps.com only releases but this is a nice looking card.  With this trade and another I am down to only needing the Pablo Sandoval for the team set this year which is pretty cool since I still need 2 from last year's release.

Thanks Tony for another great trade!


  1. Thanks for making the trade! I enjoyed the cards you sent me recently -- I should be catching up on my trade posts some this week so keep an eye out!