Saturday, October 24, 2015

COMC Purchase #1 - Set Needs & Giants

I loaded some money into my COMC account a few months back and have been slowly adding cards that I need to my collection.  I recently had them mailed to me and decided to break up the goods into two posts.  This one will feature my set needs and the Giants cards I picked up.

This Jim Palmer Hot Streak card finishes of this insert set from 2015 Topps Series 2 and finishes off the insert sets that I plan on collecting.  I am pretty happy that I finished off both Series 1 and 2 prior to the release of the Update set.  Speaking of which, for the first time in a long time I am not buying a Jumbo box and went onto eBay and bought a complete set plus 5 insert sets.  It only cost me $93 which is less than a Jumbo box.  While I will miss cracking open the packs, I decided to do this to save a few bucks and because the set size was increased and I was afraid my Jumbo box wouldn't get me close enough to the set.

These 2 cards are from the 2012 Topps Archives Football set.  If I recall, I bought a blaster or two of this product back when it came out then got a box a year or two later on a Black Friday deal.  I was able to pick up the few base cards I needed quickly and was chipping away at the SPs.  These are the final 2 SPs and this set moves from the working set shelves to the completed set shelves.  I love finishing off sets!

This is a set that might take me a while to finish, these are 4 SPs from 2014 Topps Archives.  In 2012 and 2013 I completed the entire sets of Archives including the SPs.  In 2014 I was on the fence but after tracking these 4 down for very reasonable prices I will probably pursue the rest.  This will probably be my main target during Black Friday this year on COMC, I usually go after the Heritage SPs I need but I did even collect that set this year.  I now only need 13 of the 50ish cards to finish this off.

This is a set, 2009 Finest, that I was never sure I was going to pursue.  I bought a couple boxes back in 2009 but still had a fairly sizable list of base card I needed.  Plus the Letter Patch/Autos are also considered part of the base set.  Luckily I had pulled the biggest Letter Patch Auto in one of my boxes in David Price.  I recently found a seller on Sportlots that had every card but one I needed for the base set for low shipping and 18 cents/card so I decided to finish off the non-auto portion of the set.  I took to COMC to get the Snider base card and decided to look for any cheap auto. I secured these 3 and now need just 6 to finish off this set.  Probably another Black Friday target for me.

No order would be complete for me without a few Giants cards.  The two Will Clark cards are from those Fleer late 80s box sets.  I have been thinking of some goals for 2016 and I think Giants cards from these smaller sets may be an area of pursuit for me.  I have found recently that my checklists are necessarily complete with some of the sets so in addition to finding the cards I need, I will need to make sure I have all the Giants cards listed.

The Matt Williams card is the last of the 4 card Mother's cookies set that I needed, glad to finish it off.  The 1990 Fleer Giants Logo card is off a box bottom, there is still a Kevin Mitchell that I need to track down.  The final card is of the more recent variety, a True Colors insert of Willie Mays from Stadium Club.  The Say Hey Kid is one of 4 Giants in this insert set and the only one I current have. I will need to track those other 3 down as these cards look great in person.

The final 2 cards of this post feature 2014 Autos of former Giants prospects.  I occasionally seek out cheap Giants Autos and Relics when searching through COMC and these two were a buck or two each so I decided to add them.

My next COMC post will feature cards I picked up for my player collections.

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