Tuesday, October 27, 2015

LCS Visit - 3 for $10

I love a good bargain and I enjoy running across oddballs.  The lack of card shows in my area limits my card acquisitions to trades with bloggers, online purchases and the 2 LCSs in my area.  One of the LCSs seems to price everything according to book value so my only purchases there are bid board items or the $10 mystery packs with a chance at a special card.  The other LCS is more willing to wheel and deal, will look at eBay prices when working on a card purchase and has started to bring in more oddball and older items.

On a trip to LCS #2 a few weeks back I noticed a large 5000 count box filled with small 80s and 90s box sets and a few other oddball items.  Right away one item caught my eye:

 A flip book of none other than Will The Thrill Clark!  I had never seen this item and jokingly scolded the owner for holding out on me.  He knows I am a big Giants fan.  I was just glad it was still there.  Here are a could of attempts at snapping some pictures of the flip book in action:

It is nice to see Will's perfect swing in action.  We laughed a little at how this was a great invention back in the day that is now all but obsolete with things like youtube at our fingertips.

The box advertised all the items at 3 for $10 so I had to track down 2 more items.  This proved to be quite easy.

 First I picked up this factory set of 1993 Fleer Final Edition.  I had just updated my want list of Traded sets from the 80s and 90s so I was certain this was new to my collection.

 While the Fleer branded cellophane was still around the box, it had been opened.  I see a little damage to a card or two but it otherwise looks untouched.  I plan on keeping it in the box.

My final items is a really cool oddball item:

An actual factory sealed set of Pacific Eight Men Out cards!  I have gotten a couple of these singles over the years but had no idea how this was distributed.  I haven't cracked the seal yet but assume I will one day when I am bored.  I am totally not into collecting for the "investment" but still find it a little hard to break factory sealed sets - I might need some therapy.

I am glad my LCS continues to add cool things like this.  One of these trips I am going to dig through and pick up some of those cool Fleer box sets from the late 80s.


  1. Flip Tipps so very cool! I'm going to check out your updated lists. I'm positive I have Giants you need and/or want. :)

  2. I had kinda been thinking about making a custom "flipbook card" (just because I'm a weirdo), but I'm a little relieved to discover it's already been done, therefore letting me off the hook.

  3. That Thrill Flip Book is flipping awesome!!!! (Pun intended)