Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Cut Day

I will admit that Cut Signatures used to bug me.  With players that were alive I always figured the card companies should just reach out to the players and get new signatures.  For deceased players I felt like some other piece of memorabilia was ruined in order to create the new card.

For some reason my irritation with cut signature cards has lessened to the point where I sometimes seek them out and have added quite a few to my collection.  I can't really explain it but I do know it has allowed me to add some autographed cards to my collection of players that I didn't already have autos of.

Recently on a trip to my 2 closely situated LCSs I was able to pick up one new Cut Signature cards at each location. 

At on LCS, I was able to win this Monte Irvin card off the bid board.  I think it ended up paying $8 for it which for a HOF Auto I thought was a good idea.  This is a nice and clean Irvin signature and it looks like he may have been commissioned to sign these strips of white paper for Leaf to use in this product.  According to Beckett there were 451 of these which has to be one of the highest print runs.  Regardless, I am happy to have this nice clean HOF Giant auto in my collection.

When I headed over the other LCS, this card was staring at me in the display case.  It actually had been staring at me for quite some time, it was a 3rd prize in the $10 Mystery pack the shop runs.  That day I decided to pick up one baseball and one football pack.  This card was my target in baseball and I was looking at one of the 2nd prize cards in football, a Carson Palmer rookie auto.  The card gods were with me that day as I got a winner in each pack but those gods must have been distracted a bit as I got a 3rd prize in football and a 2nd prize in baseball.

I tried to negotiate a swap by sport but I was told I could only go down from 2nd to 3rd in baseball but couldn't go up in football.  The 3rd prize selections in football were pretty weak so I picked a Dominion Tom Brady rookie which isn't really even worth the $10 I paid for the pack but oh well I now have a Brady rookie in my collection.  On the baseball side of things my 2 choices for 2nd place were 3 Jose Abreu rookies (2 that were graded 8.5) and a triple relic out of 2015 Triple Threads of 3 different Dodgers.  I quickly decided to "downgrade" to this 3rd prize and pick up the card that had been staring at me for a while, a cut signature of Giants 1954 World Series Hero Dusty Rhodes.

Rhodes passed away in 2009.  He had a few Heritage certified autograph cards prior to his passing and has appeared in a few sets with Cut autos.  This particular card has a print run of only 4 according to Beckett so the fact it popped up in my LCS was pretty lucky to me.

I am glad my opinion of Cut Signature cards has shifted as I am really happy to have these 2 cards in my collection.

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  1. I am fine with cut signatures as long as they are either a dead or elderly athlete (who doesn't sign or cant sign) and they are not franken-cuts made from another card or chopped up in odd angles.