Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just for the "F" of it #4

I have decided to start a series of posts featuring some of the cards that hold a special place in my collection despite not fitting into a specific collecting category and I call them cards I have Just For The "F" Of It (as in fun).

I don't watch much basketball anymore. I can't fully pinpoint why but I think there are several factors:
  • My pro team of choice stinks and has for quite some time - the Sacramento Kings
  • The game has evolved to be mostly 3 point shooting and I am more of a fan of the point guard/power forward or center dominated game of the late 80s and early 90s
  • With a wife and 3 kids I am super busy and something had to go
  • My college team of choice stinks and has for quite some time - the USC Trojans
I am sure there are a lot of others as well.

What I do enjoy is the inclusion of some of the players I grew up watching appearing in new basketball products.  I have had the good fortune of picking up some really nice cards of NBA players at really nice prices.

This is a card I won of the LCS bid board a little while back:
This is an on-card auto from 2013 Crown Royale of 4-time NBA All-Star Maurice Cheeks.  This blue parallel is numbered 07/49.  I have fond memories of Cheeks with the 76ers playing with my favorite player at the time, Charles Barkley at the beginning of Sir Charles NBA career.  He was a lock down defender and offensive playmaker.  Interestingly he only played one season with the Hawks towards the end of his career which makes this photo selection a little odd however I am very happy to have this card in my collection, just for the fun of it.

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  1. My wife has family that are pretty big athletic boosters for Florida Gulf Coast University where now USC coach Andy Enfield came from. He told them that the program was such a mess that no one on the USC roster would have started for Florida Gulf Coast tournament team a few years back. Thought that was interesting. Hopefully he can turn it around there.

    Love the Cheeks card!