Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Can Finally Share the Goods Night Owl Sent My Way

Night Owl sent me some cards a little while back and as we are known to do back and forth some trash was talked in a little note that was in the package:

 It stung a bit, despite all their injuries and the ridiculous payroll of the Dodgers, my Giants had a chance to win the division title if they took 3 or 4 or swept the Dodgers in a late season series.  What happened?  They got swept and Greg was all too happy to point it out.  In all fairness, I would have done the same thing back to him if the tables were turned so it was all in good fun.

However when I got his trade pack with this note enclosed, I didn't even open it for a few days, I let it sit on my desk on top of the note.  I finally did open it up and there were some nice cards.  Then the Dodgers exited the playoffs in their usual fashion and I feel a little better about sharing the goods.  Here are some of the highlights:

 A nice group of inserts across the top and an insert, short printed base and oddball along the bottom.  I really like the Hot Streak insert set. It was retail only and I recently finished the set so it is nice to have a Panda for my Giants binder.  I really like the Turkey Red design and after the set was discontinued Topps use the design for inserts for a year or two, I am a fan and glad to have this Cepeda.  Cards like this Mel Ott remind me how closely the Mets utilized the Giants color scheme.

Here are 3 more cards that happen to be my 3 favorite.  The Posey and Bumgarner are from a retail team set of a bunch of NL All Stars.  I bought the set but have left it sealed so I am very happy to be able to include these Buster and MadBum cards in my Giants binder.  This Cordier card finishes my Topps Chrome base set, very cool.

Thanks Greg for the cards and I am always happy to help you purge the Giants from your collection.  Hey Dodger fans, what do you think about Mattingly's departure???


  1. I've fallen victim to some snazzy Giants cards since I sent this out, so you can expect something else soon.

    I'm happy to see Mattingly go. He was good at handling players, but I'm sick of him being outmanaged by you know who.

  2. well, since you've asked, i'm not disappointed to see mattingly move on. the final straw for me was his managing of the double switch at the end of game 5 against the mets. i'm hoping that wallach gets a fair shot, although he may have too much of mattingly's residue on him for the new front office's taste. oh, and i've got some giants to send your way, too.

  3. You know it was only in the last couple of years that I realized that the orange and blue in the Mets uniforms were to honor those two old New York teams, the Giants and the Dodgers

    Let's Go Mets!