Friday, October 23, 2015

Why Can't the Normal Base Cards Be This Good

Last year I did a post on the short printed variations that Topps has inserted in their products the last few years.  My feelings were somewhat mixed in that post and there were quite a comments sharing thoughts.  I just saw a list of parallels in the new 2015 Topps Update release and expect some team and set collectors will again be applauding the additional options or demonstrating frustration at the challenge in chasing these cards down.

Back in 2013 Topps included this variation SP of Buster Posey:
I wasn't aggressively seeking it out but ran across an auction for this card recently with a low opening bid.  I place a bid of a few bucks on it and was lucky enough to bring it home.  This card is great in several ways.  First it is showing the best catcher in baseball making an amazing catch against the screen.  Next you have the kid decked out in Giants gear with his eyes close smashing up against the netting.  You have a trio of female spectators either watching the flight of the ball or laughing at the kid.  The image is perfectly captured and frame in a landscape format.

I am excited about having this card in my collection but the question that won't leave by brain is why can't the normal base cards put out by Topps be this good all the time?


  1. "(W)hy can't the normal base cards put out by Topps be this good all the time?"


  2. I like the two fans who find the pop up hilarious.

  3. Had not seen this card before, it's great! Interesting also is that it's a road game for the Giants (both the fan and Posey have their road unis on - DC or NY?)...will have to pick one up for myself.