Saturday, December 15, 2012

1970 Topps Set Quest - Post 1

One of my goals during 2013 will be to try and complete this 1970 set through card number 459.  The higher number cards are a little more challenging to get and definitely more costly with commons from 460-546 booking for $2, commons 447-633 booking for $4 and commons 634-720 booking for a whopping $10.  I don't expect to pay full BV but going after all those higher numbers in connection with the other collecting goals I have for the upcoming year just really isn't realistic.  I will try to get any of the high numbers I can but my goal will be to get the set up through 459 then go after higher series in future years.

Here are some recent Sportlots purchases I made and while I won't track my overall spending on the set, I will share how well I did on my purchases.

Each of these 12 cards came from the same Sportlots seller in auction format. I paid $0.65 shipping for each plus the following prices - McGraw - $0.25, Kaat - $1.50, Killebrew - $0.25, Seaver - $0.25, Powell - $0.25, and Boyer - $0.25.  All of the card are in pretty nice shape and I was very happy to add these to my collection.  Can you believe a Killebrew of a quarter?
Here is the second half.  Williams - $0.75, Pinella - $1.25, Carew AS - $2.25, Santo AS - $0.25, Howard - $1.25, and Koosman - $2.25.  Some really solid players in this group for really good prices.

This is by far my favorite recent purchase from this set, feast your eyes on this sweet looking Roberto Clemente:
It is a little off center isn't in perfect condition but for $9 plus a couple bucks in shipping I think I got a steal!  There are only 4 cards in the set that book more than the Clemente, Nolan Ryan high number, Johnny Bench high number, Thurman Munson RC and Willie Mays mid-high number so I am really happy to add this one to my set.  Outside of the Munson, I won't be on a quest in 2013 for any of these high dollar cards.

Here are some stats to start tracking my progress:

Total Cards added in this post - 13
Total Cards from 1-459 added in this post - 11
Updated status towards 2013 goal - 303/459
Updated status towards complete set - 403/720

If you have any of my wants for trade let me know.  I will keep my progress updated on the blog as well and my want list up to date.