Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trade Post - The Angels, In Order

A couple months back I got a note from Tom over at The Angels, In Order saying he had a stack of cards he wanted to send me and asking for my address.  I was exited and intrigued as he didn't share what would be coming my way and Tom didn't disappoint.

 First up were some misc. Giants cards.  My favorite is the Wal-Mart blue border parallel of Matt Cain followed closely by the Gold bordered Brian Wilson.  I am hoping the Giants contact to Angel Pagan doesn't end up being an Aaron Rowand type of deal, I wanted him back but the cost seemed a little high and the length a little long.  He is a very good ballplayer but is not elite - therefore he should not be getting elite money.
 I also got lots of help on my 2012 Topps Update insert sets. I have seen a lot of frustration with the Blockbusters inserts and I have to agree.  Great concept that was executed poorly.  Even if the headline was changed up for each card it could have been a big score.  I get the fascination this year with Gold but I am ready to move onto another concept after all the gold parallels this year.  Regardless, the help on these insert sets is huge.

Speaking of set help, a little mini help from Update as well with 3 1987 minis.  Also scored a sticker and eye black insert from Triple Play.  Do you have team needs from Triple Play?  If so let me know as I have tons of dups of the base cards.  Finally a couple Chrome cards.  These coupled with a few trades on SCF finished off this set for me!  Chrome is always a challenge as it is usually pretty costly to pick up a couple boxes, I am happy to have finished it off before the month of December was over.

And by far the highlight of the trade package were these cards from all the mini sets that were produced in 1988-89. These were a huge hole in my collection and I was so happy to see them in this trade package.  Several of the designs I hadn't seen before. Obviously Will The Thrill was the key Giant in these seasons and I am so pleased to have these as part of my collection.

Tom, thanks for reaching out and for the awesome trade package!

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  1. Glad you like them. I was able to quickly fill their void with Angels cards!