Thursday, December 20, 2012

Very Vintage Pick Up

Recently I was visiting a card store that is close to one of the offices I work out of.  Typically I search through their dime boxes for some bargains then look through their $1 and $2 cards for some 1970s set needs. Then I usually pick up 2-3 of their contest packs that contain one RC, one GU and one Auto and a chance to win a nicer prize.  I have actually had good luck with those winning 2 third place prizes.

This last trip I took a little different tact and looked through the higher end vintage case and one card just popped out to me.  Check out this beauty:

This is a 1933 Goudey Bill Terry card.  For some reason it is considered his rookie even though he has about a dozen cards that were printed prior to 1933.  I find it very hard to believe that I am the owner of a rookie of Giants great and Hall of Famer Bill Terry.  Terry has 2 cards in this set and this is obviously the "Throw" version.  He is sporting the high socks and sweet pinstripe uni in a nice field of green.  There is still some pretty nice color on this card despite being almost 80 years old.

Here is the back.  I really enjoy all the details they provide in the write up.  It includes some career info along with personal info and even talks about his early career where he was signed and sent to the minors.

I have 2 other 1933 Goudey cards in my collection and they are the oldest cards I own.  With 28 Giants in the set including 2 Mel Otts and 2 Carl Hubbells I don't see me ever completing this team set but I will definitely keep my eyes open to see if I can add a few more.  These are great cards and this Bill Terry is a great addition to my collection.


  1. Nice find! The lone 1933 Goudey "Pepper" Martin card I own is the oldest in my collection as well.

  2. Sweet card. That is a great addition to the collection.

  3. Yeah, that is nice card of a high caliber Hall-of-Famer. Great find!