Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Couple Nice (and cheap) 1950s Vintage Pick Ups

Still trying to balance the blogging with the new addition to the family.  Still trying to get back to a couple bloggers on trades we had started so please bear with me.

I did get a nice little PWE from a seller on Sportlots. This is someone who tends to list quite a bit of vintage with all prices starting at a quarter. I have greatly enhanced my Giants vintage collection and this little package didn't disappoint.  Here are the two cards from the package:

The card on the left is obviously a 1959 card of Jackie Brandt, nothing too special but it did knock a need off my list.  For a quarter I couldn't pass it up.  I am down to needing 8 cards for this team set but it's completion is pretty far off.  I need 2 Willie Mays cards and 2 Orlando Cepeda cards amongst the 8 but I will slowly pick away.  More exiting to me was this Carl Hubbell.  This is cataloged as a 1950-56 Callahan HOF W576 and as best I can tell there are 5 Giants in this set.  Hubbell is the first one I have gotten but I do have a second on the way.  I scanned it next to the Brandt to show the size - a Mini!  I really like the art work on the front, a portrait of King Carl showing his fastball grip and a smaller, full body picture of him winding to throw.  A great looking card!

I also scanned the back to show this lengthy detailed write up.  There is tons of info on this card back, enjoy.  I particularly like the final paragraph including how his "greatness is mental, moral and physical".  A very cool write up.

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