Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Set Bites the Dust

I received a nice small packet of cards from a Sportlots seller in the mail the other day that I thought I would share.  The highlight of the package for me were these two 2012 Topps Opening Day inserts:

 These two inserts finished off my set of Opening Day cards. I completed the entire base set and all the insert sets this year.  These Opening Day Stars were my favorite insert this year and also the hardest to come by in trade.  I was very happy to finish this set off prior to the end of 2012.

I still have some set work to finish up and my goal is to get a few more of these done prior to the 2013 Topps release. I saw a post or two with twitter pictures of some new Topps cards so I need to get on my horse and get some sets done.

Sets I still need to complete are:
Panini Triple Play - Still need a bunch of base and a few inserts
Allen & Ginter - Base complete, still need a couple What's in a Name cards, 1 each of the Sketches and Historical Turning Points and a bunch of Murder in Willow Coves
Archives - need 4 SP base cards, a few Reprints, 1 Deckle edge and 1 Floating Head sticker
Topps Stickers - need 6
Topps Update - need several 1987 minis, Golden Greats and Golden Moments

Still quite a list but this same seller did help me out on Archives.  I like to bundle whatever I can to save on shipping.

Finally the same seller helped me out with some Giants:
The top 4 are mini parallels and surprisingly I have been able to pick up the entire team set minus 1 card - #70 Brett Pill. If you have that one let me know.  I haven't gotten too many of the Bowman Platinum cards but decided to pick up this Kung Fu Panda emerald parallel.

A nice little package and I always have to celebrate the completion of a set!


  1. Nice work, Ryan. I use all of the time for my team sets and player collections!

  2. Nice. I just picked up a few of those Opening Day inserts from Listia the other day. I still need a ton of them, though. I don't think many people collected them for some reason.

    I will have a bunch of Triple Play doubles by about next week at this time.