Thursday, December 13, 2012

Group Break - Cardboard Collections - 1994 Fun Pack and 2003 UD Standing O

Colbey over at Cardboard Collections had a small group break a little while back with boxes of 2003 Upper Deck Standing O and 1994 Fun Pack that I decided to enter.  I actually had all the Standing O base cards and the die cut parallels so I was really just in it for the Fun Pack.  I only had 3-4 Fun Pack cards so I was hoping to fill in some team set gaps.  Let's see how I did.

First I will get the Standing O out of the way. I scored all 3 Giants base cards and none of the die cuts.  These will jump right into the Giants duplicate box.  Would have been nice to get all 3 if this set was new to me.

Now for the Fun Pack cards:
 Fun Pack appears to have cards 1 - 174 in this style and I got 4 of the 7 Giants. I also got this nice Scratch Off card that appears to be a game. Kind of a cool little added attraction to the cards as it showcases the Giants starting line up.  I hadn't seen the scratch off game before and I am very glad to add it.
Here are the other various cards from Fun Pack I received in this break. The two standout cards allow you to punch them out and stand them up.  I am sure as a kid with a box of this I would have set up some sort of baseball game with these set up on the floor and a marble serving as the baseball.  The Profiles card showcases Barry's Gold Glove defense.  I guess I should have scanned the back as it give a sequence of 3 photos against the ivy in Wrigley showing Bonds getting to a ball down the left field line and pivoting to make a throw into second.

The cartoon card shows a play and gives you a multiple choice to answer the question about the correct call on the play.  The answer needs to be read in a mirror or by slowing reading it backwards - a skill I taught myself at a young age.  The card with the black surrounding Barry is a Heat Activated card.  When you touch it with your finger the black goes away and you get a cartoon of a fan stealing Barry's helmet with a fishing pole.  I tried a couple times to scan it without the black but my scanner was too slow to catch it before turning back.  Finally a checklist card which is just that on the back, a list of cards 81 - 120.

I definitely accomplished my goals in this break as only 1-2 of the cards were dups.  I am now only a manageable 4 cards away from the team set.  Thanks for another great break Colbey!

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