Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trade Post - Brad's Blog

Brad, of the aptly named Brad's Blog, and I have made a couple of trades and in the trade prior to this one, Brad had a couple of cards that I really wanted but couldn't get included in the deal.  I reached out to Brad and he was able to put together a nice package of cards for me and in return I sent him some Phillies including a nice extra 1975 Mike Schmidt I had picked up while building my set.  Here is what I got in return from Brad:

 First I will start with some shiny Giants goodness.  A nice blue refractor of MVP Buster Posey and a Sepia of Madison Bumgarner.  Very nice cards.  I really dig the gold parallels from this year's Archives and this Beard fits nicely into my collection.  The Heritage Chrome parallels from last year look nice, I am a fan of a shiny version of the 1962 design.
Here are some other misc. Giants that were in the trade package.  I was a huge fan of the art cards like this Will Clark back in the early 90s, always happy to add one to my collection.  Got a few other cards to help out the Giants collection and was very happy to add this Swell Johnny Mize, a card that wasn't even on my checklist - I love it when that happens.

Brad was also kind enough to add in 2 49ers cards.  I don't actively collect the Niners but they are my favorite team and I will hang onto the RC card of the new starting QB and the All Pro card of the top Defensive Player in the game.

Finally, the two centerpieces to the deal for me:
A Sepia and a Gold Refractor of 2011 Topps Chrome Rookie Brandon Belt. A little while back I posted about my quest for the 2011 Chrome Giants Rainbow (minus the 1/1s) and these two were big needs.  I now only need 1 each of the Sepia and Gold parallels making the quest a little closer to reality.  I have some tough gets left but I am hoping to keep looking for good deals and trades and hopefully I can acquire all but the reds in the coming year.

Base - Complete
Refractor - Complete
Xfractor - Complete
Orange - Complete
Purple /499 - Need Brandon Belt
Atomic /225 - Complete
Black /100 - Need Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum
Blue /99 - Need Brian Wilson, Pablo Sandoval, Matt Cain, Brandon Belt
Sepia /99 - Need Tim Lincecum
Gold /50 - Need Buster Posey
Red /25 - Need Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, Brandon Belt

Brad, thank you very much for the trade, I really appreciate it!

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