Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Went a Little Crazy at COMC for Black Friday - Part 2

I have always liked the selection of cards at and enjoy the way photos are provided front and back but the old shipping policy was always a stumbling block to me making many purchases there.  Most of my buying is on lower end cards and the per card shipping price just added up too quickly.  Not too long back they made a shift and offer a bulk $3 per order shipping rate that excited me but didn't quite inspire me to go make an order.  When they announced their Black Friday free shipping with orders of more than 10 cards plus a bunch of the buyers put their cards on sale I knew I had to check it out.

Check Our Their Cards I did, I actually went a little crazy.  I made one order for 66 cards then 3 hours later had to go back and order up another 39 cards.  Everything I bought was on my need list and virtually every card I bought was at a price lower than I had seen before.

My purchases centered around set collecting and Giants collecting so I decided to split this up into two posts.  First up are the sets.

Back in 2010 I was impressed with the Topps 206 release and decided to put the set together.  Unfortunately Topps decided to hit us with the dreaded 50 SPs at the end of the set approach to this one and over the last couple years I have been whittling down the want list.  Going into Black Friday I had 10 cards on the want list and after my buying binge the set is finally complete.  Here are the last 10 SPs to finish off this set:

Next up is another 2010 release.  As you may recall Topps went reprint happy and produced a set called Cards Your Mom Threw Out.  In each of the 3 series, Topps reprinted one card from each year's set starting back in 1952.  I was okay with the concept and as I have done every year for the past few decided to complete all the insert sets.  In a moment of idiocy I also decided to go for the parallel set that displayed original card backs.  I have regretted that decision many times but being the set builder I am, I cannot abandon the chase.  Going into my COMC binge, I needed 17 cards for this set and I knocked off 6.  So I now only need 11 of the 174 original back cards.  Here are the fronts and backs of the 6 I picked up:

Next up on the set list was 2012 Topps Archives.  I have had the non-SP set put together for some time but have decided to finish the set minus the ridiculous SSP of Bryce Harper.  This was perhaps my favorite set of the year, if they would have printed it on cardboard stock it would definitely be #1.  I was able to score 5 of the 9 needs from my list plus a Roberto Clemente 3D insert.  Still have quite a bit of work to do on the insert sets but I am excited to be close to finishing the base and SPs.  Here are the 5 pick ups:

Next up is 2012 Opening Day.  This purchase focused on inserts as I have been done with the base set since my 2 box purchase right when this came out.  I finished off the Mascot and Fantasy Squad sets and got within 1 on the Elite Skills (card is incoming in a trade) and 2 on the Opening Day Stars.  Probably time to hit Sportlots and finish this one off. Here are the cards I picked up:

Now here is where I went really crazy.  Going into Black Friday I needed 22 2012 Topps Heritage SPs and I ended up buying ALL of them!  Every card was under $2 and most were around $0.75 to $1.20, this was just better pricing that I could find anywhere including the "Pick 10 cards you need" auctions on eBay so I couldn't pass them up.  Here are all the cards in their glory:

I am very happy to put one 2010 set to rest and make some progress on another.  My want list now has only 2 sets on it from 2010, the rest of those dreaded Original Backs and about 33 inserts short of the 2010 Opening Day (probably not going to happen any time soon).  I was really hoping to finish off all my 2012 sets prior to 2013 Topps coming out and was worried this couldn't be accomplished.  This set buying binge really made that a possibility.  Here is a quick breakdown of where I am at, the details on specific cards can be found on my Set Want List tab. 

Ginter - Need 32 inserts
Archives - Need 4 SP base cards and 16 inserts (would like to get the In Action and Combo cards but not going to actively seek them out)
Opening Day - Need 2 inserts
Topps Stickers - Need 6 stickers
Panini Triple Play - Need 30 base cards and 13 inserts
Topps Update - Need 51 inserts

It may be tough but securing these cards on my Crazy COMC buying binge certainly did help.  I will share my Giants purchases on a future post.


  1. Nice pickups! I wish I would've had a little extra cash at "Black Friday" to pick up a few things on COMC. There's always next year, I guess.

    It seems like everyone scored a bunch of nice Heritage SPs from COMC last week. I would've had a hard time passing them up at those prices, too.

    Love that Topps 206 Ruth SP as well, such a great old-timey shot.

  2. Nice haul. Good to see that some prices at COMC are low. I've seen some for cards I'm interested in at ridiculously super high insane prices.

  3. You can tell the COMC sellers who are in it to sell cards as a business verse ones who want to cash in their cards for a quick sale to get the cards they would rather have.