Monday, December 3, 2012

I Went a Little Crazy at COMC for Black Friday - Part 2

As I shared in a prior post, the Black Friday Fever got the best of me.  The free shipping and discounted prices on made me go a little crazy.  On a prior post I shared all the cards I added towards set completion.  Here are the Giants I scored in my buying binge.

My first search included looking for the Top 10 cards I need to finish my 2012 collecting goal of every Topps, Fleer, Donruss and Upper Deck base set Giant from 1981 to the Present.  I last shared my status on this post.   As you can see, I was able to find 6 of the cards with my favorite being a reasonably priced 2007 Fleer Tim Lincecum Rookie cards.  This card showcasing a nice clean haircut by the Freak was purchased for under $3.  The Bonds Donruss Fan Club SP was actually the highest priced out of these at $3.40.  I now have 4 cards left on my list and I have 3 within my sites (1 on its way from eBay and 2 more coming from Sportlots).  I have one more to track down over the next couple weeks to make my goal.

Another goal I have had each of the past couple years is to complete all the Giants base cards from all the products that come out.  This year may be challenging with 4 Five Star cards /80 being Giants but I will try and get all that I can.

I was able to score these 6 cards in these COMC purchases.  By completing my team base sets of Museum Collection, Tribute, Bowman Chrome Prospects and Archives I am left looking for cards from 2012 Chrome (Lincecum SP parallel), Heritage (Posey SP Color Swap Parallel), Topps Stickers (Sandoval), Update (Posey and Theriot), Bowman Chrome (Posey, Sandoval, Lincecum, Cabrera, Bumgarner, and Cain), Bowman Platinum (Lincecum), Panini Triple Play (3 Posey Puzzle Pieces, McCovey HOF, Lincecum FOC and Lincecum KID) along with those dreaded Five Star Giants.

Next on the buying spree were some minis.  I really wanted to finish at least the regular back versions of Gypsy Queen and Ginter and this purchase finished off the Gypsy Queen set and got me within a Madison Bumgarner of finishing off the Ginter. While the EXT minis from rip cards are on my want list, I really can't bring myself to counting them as part of the team set.

I also picked up some parallels and inserts to work on some team sets:
With the 4 colored border cards from Wal-Mart and Target I am a Sergio Romo blue border Wal-Mart card from Series 2 away from having all these team sets complete for Series 1 and 2.  I still have tons of work to do on the Update set but I am glad these are about done.  The Posey finished off the gold parallels from Archives, for some reason I am drawn to this set and happy to have all the Giants.  The Belt was the last non-Auto wrapper redemption I needed and the Mays was the final Archive card I needed (base, SP, insert, parallel) and it is now off my want list completely.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a list of 2013 collecting goals for my card collection.  With the near completion of the base cards from the 4 major brands in 2012 I have decided to focus on a few of my favorite releases over the past 10-12 years. I will reveal the list around New Years but I decided to get a jump on one of the more audacious goals, completing all the Giants from the Heritage releases.
I was able to pick up 25 different Heritage Giants including many SPs.  This audacious goal became much more reachable thanks to knocking off all these cards.  I now have the run from 2008 to 2011 complete and only need a total of 13 cards, 8 of which are SPs.  I am not counting the SSPs in 2009 with the Randy Winn and Fred Lewis photo swap nor am I counting the 2010 Pablo Sandoval Yellow/Green Nameplate variation.  While I like the tribute to the original sets, these cards are just way too short printed for me.  When I can pick up a vintage Willie Mays card for less than these SPs the desire to own every Giants card quickly goes away.

Well there you have my crazy COMC purchases.  Did I spend more than I really wanted to?  Probably yes. However I really feel I got a very good deal on all the cards I purchased and they all focused on my main collecting goals so I am one happy Black Friday shopper (and I did it from without having to fight any crowds!).

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  1. Plus you should have pulled in an extra 10 bucks in credit from the their promotion. Very nice.