Monday, March 16, 2015

A 2015 Topps Card You Maybe Haven't Seen

About a month ago I posted about the SP cards Topps releases that are parallels to the regular base cards.  We had a variety of opinions in the comments and I expressed my mixed interest depending on the theme/topic of the SP.  When the checklist came out for 2015, the Giants had 4 base parallel SPs listed, 3 Sparkle Parallels (Bumgarner, Pence and Posey) and 1 parallel to Bumgarners base card - Bumgarner Batting.

I quickly decided that if the Sparkles fell into my hands, great, but the only card I wanted to pursue, assuming a reasonable price, was the Bumgarner Batting parallel.  For about $8 delivered from a Sportlots auction, I was able to secure this:

I think this is a perfect theme for a parallel with the hitting prowess MadBum exhibited during the 2014 season.  Bumgarner hit .258 with a .755 OPS, 4 Homers and 15 RBI.  Two of those homers were grand slams and he won the Silver Slugger award as the top hitting pitcher.  While some pitchers look like t-ball players trying to swing a bit, Madison looks like a "real" hitter every time he is up.

This is an SP card I am very happy Topps produced and even more happy I have in my collection.


  1. very impressive! I wasn't aware of his at-bat stats. I've always enjoyed NL rules, and seeing a pitcher help himself out a bit. Sparkles are a scam.

  2. I'm hoping to scoop this card up one day if I can find it for a halfway decent price. Great pickup!