Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trade Post - The Most Generous Blogger Strikes Again X 2

I have consistently referred to Wes of Jaybarkerfan's Junk as the most generous blogger and with a couple fairly recent packages he has proven me right again!  Let's get to the goods.

I was super excited to see one of these cards in the middle of one of the team bags.  They have popped up in a few posts around the blogosphere and I am now the proud owner of one:

While I primarily collect SF Giants, I do hold onto cool 49er cards and Wes has started tossing in a few which are greatly appreciated.  I sometimes wonder if some of the cards he sent my way inspired me to collect vintage 49ers in 2015, I can definitely say it didn't hurt.

Very sad 49er news that Patrick Willis has decided to retire.  Even with his short (9 year) career, I think he has to be a Hall of Famer.  His leadership and accolades are as good as any linebacker over a similar stretch.  I have heard some commentators say he won't be too challenging to replace but I beg to differ.  Maybe his production can be matched but his instincts and leadership will be sorely missed.  With this announcement, the Niners go straight to rebuilding mode.

Here are a couple of hits that came my way from Wes.  Steve Holm has quite a few autos as a prospect for the Giants but ended up with only 91 At Bats for the boys in Orange (along with 17 with the Twins).  He was picked up and released by both the Rockies and Marlins in 2012 and according to Baseball Reference hasn't been heard from again.  This card is great looking, even if Holm didn't make it to stardom, I am loving the catchers gear, the kinda crazy design and the jersey/auto combo.  JT Snow, on the flip side, had a nice long career and is one of my favorite all time Giants.  Both of these cards were needs in the Giants collection and greatly appreciated.

These are some other random needs from the first package.  That trio of players on the Pinnacle insert set has to make some wonder how the Giants never won a World Series in the 90s once Bonds came aboard.  The Wilkins is a cool looking parallel.  The other cards are all great additions as well and every time I see a Stadium Club card, I am in awe of the photography, that Buster card is pure perfection.

Here are some cool veteran adds from the 2nd package Wes sent my way.  I was about to say Hall of Famers but Thomson is not a HOFer, just the hitter in one of the greatest moments in baseball history.  The Mathewson Coca-Cola cards is great and one that wasn't on my checklist. I love finding cards that are new to my checklist and fit my Giants collection.

More 49ers!  I am sad that Frank Gore is on his way out, seems like nothing but bad news for the 49ers these days.  Outside of Boldin, the rest of these guys are indicative of the 49ers struggles to add impact skill players over the past decade or so.  With the talk of taking a WR in this year's draft, I hope they have learned some lessons.

Not as cool as getting Bipped but I got Bud Blacked in this package.  One more would have filled the screen wonderfully but getting 8 of these glorious yellow bordered 1991 Fleer Bud Blacks is super cool!

Finally a few more needs from the package.  I am noticing Royce Clayton was in quite a few insert and prospect sets early in his career and I was happy to add these two.  The Documentary card is one of the few parallels I have of the set.  I bought the entire base set on eBay a couple years back and it takes up way too many pages in my 2008 binder.  The Posey tattoo was missing from my checklist so I am super happy to have it.  Lincecum looked fairly good at Spring Training (he gave up 2 runs but struck out 5 in two innings of work) and I am glad to have this gold parallel.

Thanks for some more great cards Wes!  I am working on a nice package to send back your way, get ready to add to your certified auto collection.


  1. Man, there's some good stuff there. The Holm, Cepeda, and Thompson in particular. I like that Lincecum too.

  2. That Mathewson Coke ad is terrific.

  3. I love those old Pinnacle cards. I have a few in my Yankees PC and I cherish them. That Coke-A-Cola Christy Mathewson card is absolutely sick.

    Congrats on the sweet haul.

  4. Big fan of the Mathewson card!