Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trade Post - Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

I love finding new traders, particularly when they collect a team that I already don't have a trading partner with. I recall being excited to find Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards, finally a Brewers collector. We have exchange a couple trade packages and I always get good stuff in return.  I keep a pretty detailed and meticulous want list and while I appreciate all cards coming my way, there is something super cool when someone takes to the time to send cards directly off my want list like Tony does.

This first group of cards come from Star and feature the Kevin Mitchell part of a set.  It is easy to guess how these came Tony's way as this is a joint set with Mitchell and Robin Yount.  I believe there is one card featuring both together but I now am the proud owner of the 5 solo Kevin Mitchell cards.

This page shows 8 great Giants parallel cards and a sweet Mel Ott base card in the center.  The Ott is from a cool Upper Deck Legends of NY set and the Giants is made of orange fuzz.  I have slowing been chipping away at this base set and really need to finish it off - it is a great one with a pretty deep NY Giants checklist.  The variety of these parallels is pretty impressive and helps demonstrate the transformation of the hobby over the past 10 or so years.  I shared the back of the Randy Winn card as it is the black back version - I don't recall ever checking the backs of these Heritage cards back when they came out - wonder if I passed by any parallels.

While all of these cards off my want list are exciting, the cards pale in comparison to these unique collectibles Tony sent my way.
These appear to be tickets to the 1984 National, how cool is that?!  It appears the 1954 Giants were celebrated and I am guessing maybe these guys appeared as autograph guests.  Recalling how much I had to pay to get into the Anaheim national a few years back, I am surprised at the ticket price.  I remember paying $5 to get into local Sacramento shows around the same time. A note with the package indicates these have been in Tony's collection for 30 years - I am honored that they now have a very special place in my Giants collection.

Thanks Tony for the awesome package of cards. I recently sent a package your way and hope you can use the cards I sent your way.  You can rest assured any cool Brewers I pull will make it your way.


  1. Man those old tickets for the National are pretty cool.

    BTW, I got your package in the mail today. Thanks a bunch for the awesome cards :)!

  2. I am glad that you got these and that you liked the tickets. I got those back in 1984 or 1985 as an add-on to a set order from Renata Galasso, I think. It's time that they went to a fan of the Giants!

    Thanks for all the great packages you've sent me in the past, and I look forward to any more wayward Brewers you send my way.

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  4. Mel Ott is way cool! Great cards from Tony! He's my go-to Brewer man!