Thursday, March 12, 2015

Trade Post - A Trio of PWEs

Wow, I don't think this has happened since I started this blog but with this post I am now up to date with all the packages I have received from fellow bloggers and readers of the blog.  If I missed anyone I apologize and there isn't much I can do as I have filed all my cards away.  I am going to finish this off by sharing a trio of really nice PWEs I have received over the past several weeks.

First up is regular PWE'er Jeff at 2 by 3 Heroes.  I have lost count on how many PWEs Jeff has blessed me with but as you can see, he hooked me up with a nice variety of quality cards as usual:
The Juan Marichal card goes back to the first year Topps put out Tier One and happens to be the only year that the product included base cards.  They were numbered to 799 as you can see but for a team collector like me that doesn't chase many high end hits, I wish there were base cards in this product.  The Velez Rookie Debut card wasn't on my checklist and want list - I don't recall ever seeing a card of this design and I am happy to add it to my collection.  The Cut to the Chase cards are amazing and while this Cain is a dup, my 7 year old was VERY happy to have it in his collection - proof that some die cutting and a little shine attracts the younger audience.  The 72 Bryant In Action card was a dup to the Giants collection but now rests in my working set.  It reminds me that I need to focus a little of my card funds towards the vintage sets.  Finally a pair of Busters - the 2015 face of MLB.  Great group of cards - thanks Jeff!

Next up is a trio of needs form Jusdon at My Cardboard Habit.

I think this trio of cards from Judson arrived quite some time ago as I believe these are all from last year's series one. I do know that both Power Players were needs towards the Giants set.  The Romo photo is pretty spectacular for a closely cropped shot.  I always thought this Buster card would have been perfect for a sparkle variation with the sparkle right on his teeth.  The Verlander was a set need from a set I am still trying to finish. I am down to one card on my want list that is from 2014 Topps Update to finish off the 89 Mini set (after I plunked down $8 dlvd for a Jeter from Series 2 - the card was almost impossible to find).  I need to pick up the Roy Halladay and finish that set off.  Thanks Judson and sorry it took forever to post.

Finally a PWE from Robert at $30 a Week Habit:

The fact these are 2013 cards is a little embarrassing as I am pretty sure Robert shot these my way during the 2013 collecting year.  I do know I was super excited to get the gold parallel of the batting average leaders featuring Buster Posey.  It helped finish off the set and was the card Robert promised to shoot my way.  The Emerald All Star of MadBum was a great throw in - I actually miss the full color parallels from the past couple years (can't believe I admitted this).  A belated thanks Robert!

I am all caught up on packages and have committed to stay on top of them moving forward.  No more apologies or embarrassments.  I truly value all the generosity that oozes out from my fellow collectors and appreciate the new life the blogosphere has pumped into my hobby.


  1. I believe you truly appreciate the opportunities found for trading and friendships here in the blog world! When I first began trading last summer, I made one mistake, filing six cards away before scanning them. I apologized more than once but the blogger has written me off. So life goes on and other trades still happen. We are all human. Thanks for being human too!

  2. I like the Posey league leaders card. Maybe because of that guy in the middle :)