Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Joy of a Completed 1950s Giants Team Set

I finally did it!  I finished a Topps Giants team set from the 1950s, granted it is the latest of the decade but that doesn't dampen my enthusiasm one bit.  As is customary with my Giants team set posts, I will share the last few cards I picked up then show off the team set as a whole.  Enjoy, this is one of my favorite Topps vintage sets.

 I have no idea why this card was one of the last 4 for me to pick up, it just never made it into a bucket or eBay search.  I do dig the flattop hair cut.  The blue with the Giants logo doesn't look too great but still a decent card.

 This was actually my final pick up.  My only real criteria was to get a team card with no writing on the checklist on the back.  It ended up being tough to find one what wasn't graded and I didn't want a graded card because these belong in the pages as a team set.  I finally scored it off of COMC for a pretty solid price and had a small batch of cards delivered just to have this in my hands and finish off the set.

 One of two Giants Sporting News All Stars, the Baby Bull Orlando Cepeda.  Pretty crazy that a rookie would come up the following year and supplant Cepeda who was only in his 3rd year.  The Giants tried that rookie, Willie McCovey, in the outfield and did the same to Cepeda but ultimately they traded Orlando to the Cardinals.  These All Star cards are great looking.

The final card in my quad to finish the team set is another wonderful Sporting News All Star card of the best all around player of all time, Willie Mays.  This card is off center right to left but not as bad as the scan makes it.  A am a huge fan of this card, one of my favorite Mays cards in my collection.

Now the entire set all together:


  1. Awesome set! I recently completed '58 so '59 is next I guess, though I'm sort of exhausted and am focusing on easier years right now. '59 is a great looking bunch. Congrats!

  2. Awesome team set, looks beautiful. Congrats!

  3. That is great! Congrats on finishing.

  4. Awesome! Congrats! So what team set is next on the agenda?