Sunday, March 8, 2015

Trade Post - Torren' Up Cards

I have twice fairly recently had the honor of being Zippy Zapped by Zippy Zappy at Torren' Up Cards.  For those not familiar with a Zippy Zapping, you get repacks of cards that fit your collecting interests, it may just be easier to show an example.

I opened up the package and this popped out.
This 2014 Topps Series 2 pack had been filled with cards intended especially for me and resealed. I even receive a nice little note and picture on top of the pack.

Woo hoo - a hit!  I nice Elite Extra Edition autograph of Giants 3B prospect Ryder Jones. Knowing that Mr. Zap enjoys collecting minor leaguers, I was not surprised that a majority of the cards were of minor league players.  This is kind of a who's who of Giants prospects although a couple of these guys are no longer in the Giants organization.

My other package included 4 packs of 2014 Bowman Platinum.

Once again the packs were filled with Giants goodness.
Here are my favorites from these packs.  The first card, a rookie Topps Opening Day parallel of World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner!  Look how young and clean cut he looks in this photo from just 5 years ago.  I won a Buster Posey card from this parallel set a little while back from my LCS so there is no reason for me to not complete this team set with the two big rookies out of the way.  I have only 3 of the 9 but I think I may try and knock this team set out now.  I also picked up a couple nice Draft Ticket cards from Contenders.  There were some newer and older Giants in the pack and a nice Giants cameo by Kevin Mitchell in Paul Faries card - I clearly remember pulling this card out of a pack back in the day.

Thanks for the Zippy Zap packages.  I recently sent out some cards that I hope fit well into your collection.


  1. I got your package the other day, it hit a lot of bulls eyes in my collection :).

    And I'm glad you liked these Zappings. I'm preparing an overwhelming third one as I type.

  2. Man, Bumgarner looks so young and clean cut in the Opening Day card.

    That was a great Zapping as usual.