Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Contests Galore

I have been out of town for work for a couple of days and had little time to review blogs not to mention write any posts.  And for some reason, every time I pre-write a post and try to schedule it, all my stuff disappears.  Looking through the blogs, I ran across a number of cool contests you need to check out.

First up is some awesome vintage over at Number 5 Type Collection.  He is celebrating 4 years as a blogger and is giving away HOF vintage!!!  I am loving the Killebrew he is showing off as part of the loot.  All you have to do is tell him your favorite 50s-60s player - if you read this blog on Mondays, my answer shouldn't be a surprise.

Next up is Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid.  He is having a cool contest celebrating the Stanley Cup champion Kings.  Living in So Cal, I have been casually following the Kings despite not being a huge hockey fan.  You need to share what you would do on your day with the cup.  Me, I would start off the morning eating cereal out of it with my kids (our favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch) then taking it to work filled with coffee during a day long meeting - need the caffeine to keep me away.  Finally I would end my day at the local sports bar watching the Giants beat up on the Dodgers drinking Newcastle Brown Ale out of the cup - What a day!!!

We are late in a contest over at Bass on Balls but it is a pretty fun one where we get to share how we are organized and what we collect.  In addition to reading up on the blog and seeing Will's answers to his own questions, it has been fun reading everyone else's comments as well.  Check it out.

Finally, Fuji over at The Chronicles of Fuji is having his 3rd annual contest. It is full of a bunch of prizes with even more to be added.  I like the way Fuji gives lots of chances to gain entries.  Check it out and join the fun!

Already thinking of an idea for my next contest so after the dust settles from these, I may join the fun.

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