Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mail Day #8 - 60s Vintage Edition

Decided to show off some recent pick ups from the decade of the 1960s.  The 60s were before my time but there seems to be quite a bit of interesting things going on.  We has the rise of the hippie movement and rock and roll music, a ridiculous number of political assassinations (not that even one isn't ridiculous), and the rest of the US finally starting to make some racial integration progress after baseball started 2 decades before.  My favorite time to read about is the Giants team of 1962 that were so close to a World Series victory with my favorite player of all time making the last out and being immortalized in a Peanuts comic strip.


Leading off are some Post cards I picked up on the cheap.  Many of these were a quarter with none of them being over $1. Have I mentioned how I love the Sportlots auctions!  I got a couple of nice players in this group from 1961

I was also able to pick up one card from the 1962 release and it was one of the famous Alou brothers and a future Giants manager.

 Finally I got 3 from the 1963 release showcasing stats from the 62 World Series team.  That Alou picture looks kinda familiar.

I was also able to pick up 2 cards from 1967 Topps and both are Hall of Famers.  I picked up a nice looking Gaylord Perry card for a couple of bucks and the "left ear showing" version of the Juan Marichal check list.  I can see why they removed the ear for part of the set.  The positioning of his ear with the floating head design just looks off.  Two nice pick ups and I am only 9 cards away from completing this team set.

 The last group of cards are from 1964 Topps.  I really like this design, I think it is primarily due to the orange lettering that goes so well with the Giants.  I picked up the Juan Marichal Pitching Leaders card. It also has a couple other fairly decent players joining him.  I am also really happy to have picked up this card of the Baby Bull.  I only need 4 cards to complete this Giants team set with the most challenging being the Tops in the NL card featuring Mays and Hank Aaron and a high number Gaylord Perry card.  I am hoping to finish this one off by year's end.


  1. Now THAT is how you cut Post cards. They almost look freakish.

  2. Giants or not, those are some nice Post cards.