Friday, June 1, 2012

Group Break Goods - JABO 2012 Topps Archive Break

I was able to pick up the Giants in Kyle's recent 2012 Topps Archive 2 box break over at Juuust A Bit Outside (JABOs) recently.  I wasn't lucky enough to get one of the hits but I was still pretty happy with my haul.

First up are the inserts and the SP I received.

The Marichal is a reprint of his 1966 Topps card.  I have this card from its original release and the only real differences are the card stock and the gold embossed Topps Archive logo on the front of the card.  Topps has done tons of reprints over the past few years and to me they have kind of run their course. To me, they actually belong more in a set like this than the standard Topps base set.  The Willie Mays is also the 1966 design but it is an SP of the main set and has a different photo from the original 66 release.  I am still looking to acquire the original Mays card, it is #1 in the set and hard to track down in decent condition at a reasonable price.  I was also lucky enough to get the 3D insert and the sticker insert of The Say Hey Kid.

Next is a batch of Giants base cards from the set.  I have already reviewed this product and given my thoughts on the design but thought I would show all 9 base cards from the Giants minus the two SPs.  I actually think the 1971 design is my favorite so I am a little bummed that there is only one Giant on that design.  The Mays shown above is actually my second copy of the SP card which is perfect as I need one for my set and my Giants collection. I am still seeking out 2 copies of the Will Clark team.

I have some duplicate Giants from this break plus a nice stack of duplicates from my second box if you are in need of some cards to finish a base set or fill in gaps of team sets.  Drop me a note and lets make a trade.

Thanks for another great break Kyle!


  1. So you don't need the Mays sticker anymore? Let me know as someone else is after it.

  2. OMG - night owl is asking about a willie mays card???!!!???!!!
    i can only hope he has an incredibly devious plan to shred it in a margarita mixer or smuggle it onto a space satellite launch.

  3. That is a very nice haul from one box - you lucked out!!!