Thursday, June 14, 2012



I just watched history.  My favorite current Giant Matt Cain just through the first perfect game in Giants history and only the 22nd in baseball history. He was truly dominant and tied Sandy Koufax's record with 14 strikeouts in the game, 7 looking and 7 swinging.  He has some great defense behind him with a nice catch at the fence by Melky Cabrera and a Jim Edmonds-esque warning track diving catch in deep right-center field by Gregor Blanco.  Even the last play by Joaquin Arias was a pretty difficult play.

I listened to the first few innings on my iPad app and tuned into the MLB Network to watch the last 3 innings.  I love the MLB Network and the cut into games.  In this case it allowed me to watch history being made.  To put some icing on the cake, Cain's outing gave me 73 points in my fantasy baseball league.

I wonder if Night Owl is working tonight?

Congratulations Matt on making history!!!


  1. I was asleep for this. So bummed, but cool to wake up to.

  2. I just got a Matt Cain auto relic in the mail yesterday. Talk about perfect timing. What a fun game to watch. I'm so happy to see Matt finally get some of the national recognition he deserves. It's funny to think back to all of those people saying the Giants were stupid for signing him to that extension before the season. They probably saved themselves $30+ million in the long run now!

  3. I wasn't working. (The whole no-hitter/working theory is shot to hell this year). I was sitting here watching it.

  4. I wish I could have seen the perfect game live! Where I live...the best I can get is the game shown an hour or two after it aired. Cain's cards on ebay saw a dramatic price jump and it is making it harder to collect. I think his better play is making people list more of his harder to find stuff. A week ago I picked up a 2008 Masterpiece Stroke of Genius auto card...(This has to be a SP it took me forever to get it.) Also today I got a patch auto for not a bad price! GO Giants!