Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trade Post - Condition Sensitive

I was trolling the blogs a couple weeks back and saw a box break on Condition Sensitive and one card caught my eye.  I dropped a comment in the post and the foundation for a trade was set.  As trades often do, this one blossomed from me just desiring one card, to a trade involving a larger group of cards - I love it when that happens.

Curtis replied back that he had some junk wax Giants from my want list and directed me to his want list. I shot him a list of Rockies GU I have and noticed he was working on the 1992 Pinnacle set.  I was recently going through some boxes and found an 800 count box over half filled with 92 Pinnacle so I got his want list and was able to knock over 80 cards off the list.  Those Pinnacle cards plus a numbered Larry Walker relic I got out of a box of 2003 UD Vintage back in 03 netted me this:

 I was able to score some sweet Giants cards of some of my favorite players to ever don the Orange and black.I got cards of All-Star 2B Robby Thompson hanging in the dugout and turning two.  I got Will the Thrill Clark sporting the eye black on a Canadian Post card and sliding into 2B. I got a Silver Signature parallel of Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner Matt Williams along with a sweet HR swing card.  I got HOF catcher Gary Carter who had a short stop over in SF and Steve Decker who had a fairly short career (7 years but only 263 games).  Finally an awesome slide by Silver Signature Darren Lewis.  D Lew had some great defensive years and even won a Gold Glove.
 When I first saw these cards, I thought they were jumping into the doubles pile but upon closer inspection I realized they were OPC and Fleer Canadian cards!  I was very excited to mark these cards off the want list.  Again some of my favorite players including Caveman (Don Robinson) and Big Daddy (Rick Reuschel).

And finally, the card that started it all.  A 2012 Tim Lincecum mini relic card.  I love this picture with him showing such determination on his face and his long locks flowing in the background. I now only need the Bumgarner mini relic to have all 3 Giants.

Curtis, thanks for the great trade!

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