Friday, June 8, 2012

Trade Post - all the way to the backstop

Recently fellow blogger Marcus from all the way to the backstop reached out to me for an NL West trade.  Marcus is a Padres fan and ponied up some Giants for trade.

The trade was a great mix of recent base cards and 90s base cards, here are some of my favorites:
Up top we have 3 players just playing lights out for the surging Giants.  Vogelsong and Bumgarner are pitching at all-star levels along with Matt Cain and Barry Zito. Obviously all 4 can't make the All Star team but it will be quite the battle.  The Melk man is leading the league in batting average and hits and was in the running for NL Player of the Month with 51 hits but lost out to a deserving Giancarlo Stanton of the Marlins.

Next up are a variety of 90s releases. Jay Canizaro and Francisco Oliveras had short stints with the Giants after coming up through their far system.  Jeff Brantley was a solid reliever for the Giants prior to moving over to the Reds and even started 12 games in his final season in the Orange and Black.  Billy Swift has a couple amazing years with the Giants, in 1992 he lead the league in ERA and in 1993 he won 21 games for a team that fell just short of the playoffs and helped lead to the advent of the wild card team.  Robby Thompson played his entire 11 year career with the Giants, made 2 All Star teams and solidified the right side of the Giants infield for years partnered with Will Clark.  I also received a 2012 Bowman Chrome card of Giants 25th round draft choice Brett Krill - they can't all be exiting but hey it knocked a card off the want list.

I also got some needed parallels from this year's release. Here are black bordered versions of Melky and Vogelsong along with my favorite current Giant Matt Cain.  I also got a blue bordered Freddy Sanchez (will he ever get healthy!) and a purple border prospect card of Tommy Joseph.

Overall it was a great trade. I helped Marcus out with some 2011 Topps cards, some 2012 Heritage cards and some Padres cards for his collection. Thanks for the great trade Marcus!

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  1. Glad you liked them, Adam! I only bought a few of those Heritage packs that had the black border parallels, but almost all of them were Giants. In the end, it worked out for both of us. Thanks for the trade!