Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trade Post - Night Owl

It is always nice to purge my collection of unwanted Dodger cards and Greg over at Night Owl is always a willing trade partner.  My dislike (okay maybe it is hatred) for the Dodgers may only be surpassed by his hatred for the Giants. This is obvious from his blog posts and the note he included with my cards stating "These somehow avoided the incinerator. Enjoy!".  Is it only me, or could see him sitting by the fire with a big smile on his face slowly tossing Giants cards one at a time into the flames.

Anyway, on to the cards.

This first group is are all from the mid-2000s issues of Topps All-Time Fan Favorites.  I have the complete base sets from all 3 years this set was issued but needed all of these for my Giants collection. The Jack Clark is the Chrome version and the 2003 cards completed my team set (I only had the Willie Mays prior to this trade).  I really enjoy these cards and need to pull out those base sets and give them another look - maybe there is a blog feature hiding someone in those sets.

These bring back lots of memories, Jack Clark was the star of the first Giants teams I followed.  Right after that came Will Clark then Barry Bonds.  With the exception of 1985, one of these sluggers was on every Giants team (Will and Barry overlapped in 1993 - can you imagine how they got along!) and totalled 925 HRs and 2744 RBI in Giants uniforms.  These cards also bring back memories of Vida Blue pitching for the Giants after a great run with the A's, for the longest time he was the answer to two trivia questions - he started the All-Star game in both the NL and AL and was the last switch hitter to win the MVP (1971) until I believe Willie McGee won it in 1985.  Also a not so fond memory comes to mind of Fred Lynn blasting a grand slam off Atlee Hammaker in the 1983 All Star game.  I belive it is still the only grand slam in the history of the All Star game.

Here are a few more cards I got in the package.  All these filled needs in my collection.  I like the two minis from 35 years apart, I still have a lot of work to do on my 1975 mini team set.  The two Score cards were the only Giants from the 1990 Score Young Superstars set.  I bought one jumbo box of Bowman and was able to finish off all 3 sets (Base, Prospects and Chrome Prospects) in one $25 purchase from a Facebook friend so I won't be buying any more and need a bunch of Giants.  I love getting Giants stickers.  I have a big stack on my desk and I am trying to figure out what to do with them.

Thanks again for the great Giants cards Greg, hope you enjoyed the Bums I sent back in return.


  1. Can't respond right now. Too busy sitting in front of the fire.