Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mail Day #7 - Some 50s Vintage Beauties

Been kinda busy lately with work and the kids and haven't taken much time to post.  I usually stay up later than the family and knock out a couple posts every other day or so but I have been crashing early.

My card buying hasn't really taken a back set though so I have some nice pick ups to share that have come in the mail over the last few days.  I will showcase the Giants cards from the 50s that I have picked up starting with 1959 Topps.

I have picked up 3 from this team set recently.  The Bob Speake is a high number, my first I have picked up from this set.  Luckily there are only two more high number, unluckily they are All Star cards of Orlando Cepeda and Willie Mays.  The Felipe Alou is his rookie, so I was happy to pick that one up.  He is actually listed as one of the key rookies in this set and outside of Bob Gibson, there is little star power in the 1959 rookies. I currently have 20/34 of the Giants cards for this team set, one of my worst ratios of any vintage set.  I also have 4 Grey Back variations listed on my want list but unless I stubble across those, I don't see me picking those up anytime soon.

Next up are two cards from 1957 Topps.   Nice to get a HOFer in Red Schoendienst at a very reasonable price.  Red just spent parts of 2 years in a Giants uniform.  This Windy McCall card from 1957 Topps. It is in amazing condition and I was very happy to pick it up.  57 Topps has a rarer series in cards numbered 265-352 and this card fits in that range.  The Giants unfortunately have 6 of their 25 cards in this series and this is my first.  I have made pretty good progress on this team set with 18/25.  I need the other 5 from the rarer series, Willie Mays and one other card.  This one is going to be a tough one to finish up.

Next up is a Bob Lennon card from 1955 Topps.  I am down to needing just 2 Topps cards and 2 Bowman cards from 1955.  Again Willie Mays is on the list so this one won't be competed soon but I really like these cards and this design.

1952 Topps cards have been tough to come by at a reasonable price.  This Don Mueller card is only my 4th of the set (I do have a 5th on the way) out of the 25 Giants.  12 of the Giants are high numbers including a Hoyt Wilhelm RC.  Then there is that non-high number challenge in the Willie Mays RC. That is a dream card I am most certain I will never obtain but I will list it on my want list just in case some generous soul wishes to part with one!

 I was really excited to pick up this 1951 Topps Red Back of Wes Westrum.  It is my first every card from this set.  The Giants only have 6 cards in the set and I think I am going to go after this one soon and try and complete it. It would be pretty cool to own all of my favorite team's cards from Topps inaugural release.

 Finally 2 cards from the 1952 Bowman set.  I am approaching the half way mark on this set and I really like it.  The cards are smaller than today's standard issue but I enjoy the nice big picture of the player that takes up the entire card.  The only thing on the front outside of the player is a facsimile signature and it doesn't detract from the picture.  I really like the Westrum in his catching gear.  Also the Lockman is pretty cool with his eyes following the path of a monster shot.  I need 12 more cards for this set and will be on the lookout.  Of course the Mays won't be something I will acquire soon but hopefully the others will fall into my lap over the next few months.

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