Friday, March 1, 2013

Conlon Collection Series 2 Box Break - Pack 6

I don’t recall if I ever showed an unopened back but they are mostly clear with some graphics on it.  It was pretty cool seeing the first card of Babe Ruth staring out at me when I pulled this from the box.  However, I was shorted a card in this pack.  No duplicates again, I can only hope I end up with the full set but I am worried that the missing card from this pack may be my demise.

Series completion - 89/330
Duplicates - 1
Giants in this Pack - 2
Total Giants - 8
HOFers in this Pack - 5 (Ruth, Hubbell, Stengel, Gomez, Hooper)
Total HOFers - 27

Favorite Card Front:
I almost picked the Hubbell card from the last pack and now I am glad I didn’t.  This card uses the same photo but instead of the close up on his face we get to see more of a body shot with some of the background included.  I am intrigued by the look on his face, wonder what is going on in King Carl’s mind. The glove and uni are just amazing, great card!

Favorite New Facts Learned:
Casey Stengel card back:

Chock this up as one of those things I should have known but didn’t. I have read quite a bit about Stengel but never realized his nickname came from the fact he was from Kansas City.

Lefty Gomez card back:

I guess this is learn things about HOFers pack for me.  Apparently Lefty started 4 out of 5 All Star games during a stretch.  With the number of great pitchers in the game, starting the Mid Season classic 4 out of 5 year to me is truly amazing!

Wally Schang card back:

The front of this card ask the question Why Not in Hall of Fame? and after reviewing these stats and reading the card back I would have to agree.  I would argue that his stats are better than the two HOF catchers he is compared to and it appears he was very good defensively as well.  Maybe it had to do with his movement between several teams in his career but 3 titles with 3 different teams seems to improve his resume in my book.

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