Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Contest - Winner Announced

I am a day or two late but I am finally ready to announce the winner of last week's contest.  As you may recall, I asked the blog readers to share one or more things that they like about the start of the baseball season.  I got one of my lowest entry totals with only 17 people but that gives those that entered a better chance to win.

First up, I entered the 17 people who left a comment into

 After 1 Random, Nick was leading, but it doesn't count until #3...

 After a second push of the Random button, Brad's Blog was on top....
 And finally after the last push of the button, the winner is....

Brian Conrad!!!

Congratulations Brian, you can check out my prize page to see if there is an item you would like.  I may be adding a few things this weekend if you would like to wait.

Thanks to all that entered.  My next contest should be up shortly.  I am thinking I will go back to a topic I covered last year and have everyone list their favorite players by position.  We did 1B and 2B so it is probably time for 3B so put your thinking caps on.