Sunday, March 10, 2013

Top 20 Recent Vintage Purchases - #20 1964 Topps Don Larsen

I have been wanting to do a countdown on my blog for quite some time but just haven't gotten myself organized enough to put anything together.  I was sitting at my desk yesterday with stacks of cards that needed to be scanned and put away and recognized that I have bought some really nice vintage cards over the past couple months and an idea was born.

Over the next 20 days I will be sharing my Top 20 Recent Vintage Purchases.  All of these cards were acquired in the past 90 days and all are cards from prior to 1970.  The list is Giant heavy but there are quite a few non-Giants in the countdown as well.  My plan is to post one per day and still try to intermingle other posts in as well.  I wouldn't expect a ton of commentary on the cards, maybe a little note on where I picked them up (most from Sportlots Auctions).  I think the cards will speak quite well for themselves.  The list might start of a little slow but only 3 cards don't feature HOFers.

Card #20 is the 1964 Topps card of noted World Series Perfect Game Hurler Don Larsen:
This card was purchased in a Sportlots auction and fits nicely into my 1964 Giants team set.  This card is in great shape and the design should be quite recognizable to 2013 Topps Heritage collectors.

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  1. I pick up Larsen cards when I come across them. This is a particularly nice one. I like how the colors work.

    And I bet that's the same expression Larsen had on his face in the ninth inning of his Perfect Game!