Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trade Post - Wrigley Wax & 1973 Topps Set Quest - Post 3

A few weeks back, I received an email from Paul over at Wrigley Wax indicating he had some duplicate 1973 cards for the set I am building.  I have listed this as a trade post although I have yet to send something back in return. Seems like Paul quickly scoops up all the new Cubs for his collection so I am going to need to get creative in finding something to send him back.

Here are the cards:
 I enjoy the mix of spring training photos and action photos in this set.  I like the Dave Johnson action photo with the umpire in the back and the sweet photoshop job on Bill Hands putting him in a Twins uni while pitching at Wrigley Field.
Here is another batch including 2 of the rookie cards.  This gives me 6 of the rookie cards out of a total of 16 although I have a few more on the way.  Odds are #615 will be the last card I secure for this set, the rookie of none other than Ron Cey Michael Jack Schmidt.
Finally the two biggest "names" in this batch and two of my favorite cards.  A great inaction catching photo of Thurman Munson and a posed photo of former Giant and Big Red Machine member George Foster before he plays his way into star status.

Thanks Paul for the great group of cards, it was very generous of you to send them my way.  I am on the lookout for something to send back your way, thanks for the patience.

Here are some stats tracking my progress on the set:

Total Cards added in this post - 20
Total Cards from 1-528 added in this post - 7
Cards added with BV $10 or higher in this post - 0
Progress on cards with BV $10 or higher - 14/22
Updated status towards 2013 goal - 477/528
Updated status towards complete set - 544/660

If you have any of my wants for trade let me know.  I will keep my progress updated on the blog as well and my want list up to date.

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